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WarFrame Enemy Guide


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Blue text means Shields.

Yellow text means Armor.

(T) next to an attack means it is telegraphed.

Format is as following



Distinguishing features:



Attacks: Things the enemy does(Type).

Distinguishing features: How to distinguish it.

Notes: Self Explanatory





Attacks: Explode(Melee AoE stun).(T: Hands over stomach, as if it is about puke)

Distinguishing features: Looks a bit orange.

Notes: If killed by a melee attack it does not explode.



Attacks: Claw(Melee). (T)

Distinguishing features: Cannon fodder.

Notes: None



Attacks: Claw(Melee). (T) Leap(Ranged stun that is also a gap closer) . (T: Raises arms in the air then leaps)

Distinguishing features: Blue glowing eyes.

Notes: None


Crawler: (Normal/Naseous/Toxin)

Attacks: Claw(Melee). Vomit(Naseous: Personal Range stun that deals no damage). Toxin cloud(Toxin: Personal Toxic cloud on death).

Distinguishing features: They crawl. Unexpected I know.

Notes: Toxin ignores shields and takes a bite out of your Health.

Ancient: (Toxin/Healer/Disruptor)

Attacks: Tentacles(Ranged Attack, Disrupts if it is a Disruptor), Charge(Gap closer, deals no damage)

Distinguishing features: Larger than normal Infested, More health. Healer has green healing waves. Distruptor has a reddish tint. Toxin has a toxin cloud.

Notes: Disrupt removes all of your shields and energy, as well as messing up the colours on your display.






Not enough time. But you guys get the idea. Codes:

*Codes are written in the following format: [Example]Text/Link[/Example]

Color codes are Text

Cyan text for Shields= #00FFFF

Yellow text for armor=#FFFF00

Code for Images= [X]Link[/X] where X is replaced by images.

Site for upload pictures= http://postimage.org/

To capture pictures you can probably use fraps, or Alt+Enter, escape and press maximize, press your Print Screen button, go to paint and Ctrl+V the picture. Please try to crop the picture to include the enemy or exclude the HUD, any other enemies or useless things that are in the way.

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*Corpus, from the Latin "body". :)

Also, Runners don't explode when you shoot their lower body, only the top is explosive.

If you shoot the legs out from under Infested, they turn into Crawlers.

Headshots may kill Infested, but sometimes, they just lose their heads and keep running/shambling.

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