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Krauserlols' Ultimate Corpus Update Threat! The Corpus Shall Rise! [Nef Anyo Revealed! Sorta]


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WELCOME WELCOME TENNO! Welcome to my Ultimate threat about how to improve the Corpus as a whole, not that this is a Work in progress and i will keep updating things as i build them. 


Here I will present to you my vision of a better Corpus, more varied, balanced and of course powerful. I have been working on this for about 2 months and i hop its good enough for DE to take into consideration that MAYBE they could focus on Corpus for a while and stop feeding the Grineer.


Once again Evariskitsune comes for the save! If you’re not fond of Tex walls she created a nice sumary whit all this thread is about: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/223998-the-admirals-gambit-event-fan-project/


Hey guys here Krauserlols whit something a Little different im trying:


Its a weird talk show where you can ask questions to Reniko and her two guest for the day: Admiral Nef and Sargas Ruk. Its something im trying to develop a bit more toward these characters personalities. Give it a shot!


After that you can come here and read the complete version. Dont forget to bump both!





The current problem of the corpus is that they lack any... shall I say personality? Yeah they lack a personality, an unique trait to be identified whit, as a faction. They claim to be a highly advanced faction but they don’t have any Technological equipment to back em up and worst of all they use the same strategy as the Grineer: rushing and gunning, but unlike the Grineer the Corpus doesn’t have the sheer numbers, firepower and defense most Grineer have making them easy-to-kill target practice. 


Creator's Note: I think i didnt clarified myself, i dont say the Corpus dont have a theme. They do have a theme problema is that they dont make use of it. Their strategies are the same as the grineer while not having nearly as much strenght as the Grineer.


Corpus are Merchants dedicated to techonology so they should rely more on Robotics and be more strategic.






In order to improve the corpus they need more troops, not flooding it whit thousands of troops that all essentially do the same, like Grineer, but few specialized troops that synergize whit each other. To differentiate them from the Grineer Corpus should be a defensive, more strategic faction; using gadgets and robotics to outsmart their opponents.


On that note i would like to do something diferent in terms of organisation. Cropus is a merchant cult thus they dont really follow a single ideal, like the Grineer who follow the sisters, so it would be cool that in each planet (or Zone, however the badlands will work) had diferent units or diferent takes on said units in charge of the boss in said área. For example the units that work for Alad V arent the same for Nef Anyo. Alad has Crewmen, Detron Crewmen and Anti-moas, + more reliant on robotics while Nef stages feature more tactical zones and special units to archive his goals like the Admirals, Engineers and Titans.



Here a not so little Socio-economic analysis of the Corpus faction by my good friend Evariskitsune. It was all by him, all I did was arrange the paragraphs for easier reading. Enjoy:



While little to none of this is canon or confirmed in any way, the following is as best as I've been able to piece together the Warframe faction known as Corpus.




History and ancestry



Arising from corporate influence in North America from before the Orokin era, the Corpus' core roots begin with the United States and Canada, two nations well tied together in terms of overarching culture, as well as in our current era, heavy corporate influence over the governments of both nations, with stronger influence in the United States.  The most plausible first form of the government of Corpus would one or more corporations taking control of the government of one or both nations in full, naming themselves a corporate state.  They likely then assimilated other companies into themselves, and with government control on their side, were capable of funding a space program for asteroid mining operations so as to improve their ability to make further profits alongside mankind's expansion into the solar system, likely also propagated by the early Corpus government through control of much of the spacecraft sales and rented spaceflights.  Along this they likely heavily funded colonization on Mars; making their new center of operations and capital city on Mars.  This held benefit on many fronts; ease of access to resources, both martian and present in the main asteroid belt, set themselves further apart from the worsening environment on earth, and acted as a defensive barrier as earthbound nations began to set themselves into war due to the growing scarcity of resources.  The Orokin era likely arrived shortly after the Corpus made Mars their new home.  The Orokin would have largely utilized Corpus as a nation of secondary citizens; utilizing their infrastructure and workbase for many of their early constructions in the solar system.  In this time Corpus citizens were likely brought into a worship-like, or at least submissive state to the dominance of the Orokin, leading to long-holding psychological ideas of Orokin technology.  Following the fall of the Orokin empire, the Corpus were likely in a state of disarray, and given the reliance they had built upon the Orokin, likely fell into an economic depression and temporary technological decline.  Within two hundred years however, things started to pick back up again and the Corpus started rebuilding their society, expanding back out from Mars to asteroid stations, mining facilities, and Orokin relics across the star system.  It was around this time that they likely first encountered the Grineer - Born out of the warring states on Earth, due to conflict being brought again to a head with the fall of the Orokin.  With Earth in ruin, Mars was the only planet terraformed and comfortable enough for human society.  While basic attempts by the Grineer were done to make earth widely habitable again, they set their sights on using their military might to conquer Mars, and thus the generations-old conflict with the Grineer began.  Due to the danger of the conflict, Corpus moved their headquarters further in the solar system, though still keeping Mars as an important forward command for their military, both for logistics reasons and protecting their civilian populace, given how large a percentage of their permanent settlements are on Mars.





Government structure



The Corpus live in a buisness-centric world, based on the trade of resources in one flavor or another, from metals, to food, all of it is governed under the centrally controlled Corpus Credit, (CC or just "credit" for short.)  Government leadership is under the board; four individuals which control the final decisions of lawmaking and warfare.  The only way to be on the board is by a 3/4ths vote of the other members to replace a living or deceased member. Below them in civilian government is the chamber of representatives; elected officials by each region.  They are the members who propose and vote upon laws to be passed to the Board, and made decisions for their represented region that do not affect other regions, as well as other lesser matters. There are lesser government workers as well; usually within each colony is a mayor.




Of note is the recent splinter group under the leadership of Alad V.  Despite his being removed from the Board, there are loyalists whom follow him, much in the same structure, however forgoing the Chamber or Board.  Alad V holds the Jupiter system under his autocracy, and while the Board seeks a way to regain control, they have more pressing matters as Alad V for now poses no threat to their overall power.





Civilian Life



Civilians lead a life directed by the testing they undergo in their earliest years; schooling is aimed towards an individual's strengths, and their resulting job placement is based upon this.  Children stay with their parents until such a time as they move to a job, thus through their entire schooling they remain resident with older generations, often many at a time.  The average lifespan of a Corpus citizen is somewhere around 150-250 years of age, as such it is plausible that schooling lasts for 30-35 years depending on profession.  Teaching is done by "retirees", those whom have come towards the end of their lives, usually age 100-120+ if not in a government position, leaving the most capable years to actual labor.  Workdays average about 10 hours per day, as do school schedules.  Given that the most fertile years for females are within school years, and given the population disadvantage the Corpus have in comparison to the Grineer, it is likely if not certain that sex is encouraged during the school years starting after age 16, 20 at the latest.  By this time the strengths of individuals have already been discerned, and as such couples will be being led to the same career in general.  It is even possible that mates are chosen based on genetic compatibility, and may be tied to a partner in this agegroup, even perhaps being instructed in sexual intercourse practices.   As such, families are often together for much of their lives, giving strong ties between couples with or without love based marriages, and any children who have similar careers, however ties with children who show differing strengths are often strained at best.  In their off time, corpus citizens likely have leisure time much as we have; dedicated to consuming.  This allows for greater economic growth and trade for the Corpus as a whole, and as such spending would be encouraged.  Multimedia, traveling, excessive foods, and various forms of drugs are likely promoted.  Given the confines of space travel however, commonly used drugs across Corpus would likely be limited to alcohol and edible forms of cannabis among natural substances, though synthetic drugs are also plausible.  Given the type of society, and the need to keep profits, healthcare is likely provided for all citizens, with regular health checks and aid done.  This also assists in the overall lifespan of the citizens.  A citizen may progress through the ranks of whatever job they have through the same means as today; likely through either outstanding performance, and/or the swaying of opinion by those higher in management.    Agriculture would largely be held on Mars; likely feeding the majority of Corpus.  Plants would be limited to fast growing, hydroponic friendly species.  Namely types of wheat, berry-type fruit, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, celery, onions, garlic, and radishes.  The textile and paper industries are likely largely based on synthetics; if natural resources are used to any degree, it would undoubtedly be hemp-based given it's high-yield per volume, it's multitude of uses between both soft and hard textiles, and it's ability to be hydroponically grown.  The Mining industry in general would not be dangerous; though asteroid based, safety procedures would be in place, and unlike on earth cave-ins are far less likely.  The only danger would be on larger asteroid stations; were the Grineer to attack.  Undoubtedly a concern, but only in regions near Grineer-occupied space.  The entertainment industry would be large given the leisure time of the Corpus civilian population, with high rates of consumption as in our present modern society.  Though payrates would likely be very different; as much of the revenue of the entertainment industry would be translated to taxes for the sake of the chamber and board.





Military structure of Corpus:



The Corpus military structure is streamlined and efficient, with few high ranking officers.  At the top, there are four generals, one for each member of the Board; each general takes orders from their paired board member, and take care of military advising.  Below each general is four Majors, who oversee logistics and take care of overarching strategy.  Each Major then has four Lieutenants, who take care of the brunt of the paperwork across the lower ranks. 





Below the Lieutenants without number restriction:


 - Admirals:  The highest ranking position one can achieve in the Corpus military without political means, this position pays well, comes with the highest end combat gear allotment, and most duties are non-combat oriented as a directive unit.  On base, they usually have a deskjob, and when on a ship... well, it's -their- ship.  The only times one would normally see more than one Captain or Admiral at a time is during a heavy military struggle, or if there is a strategic meeting presently on a base.  This position requires at least 8 years of active service.

- Sergeants:  The workforce of the Corpus officer ranks, and the highest direct combat rank.  While some desk jobs are included, usually their work focuses on maintaining command over the lower ranks in direct means.  These ranks are also in charge of troop training and daily schedules for troops.  They often own private vessels and have the most free time / shore time of any of the Corpus military forces.  This position requires at least 4 years of active service as an Elite Crewman.

- Elites:  leaders of individual squads (Squad sizes are 4 - 16 individuals, depending on the mission.)  This position is given to those individuals who show greater tactical skill. (though they can get this position right out of the academy if their scores are high enough.)  The pay is superior to standard Crewmen and they are also given guaranteed shore leave every 6 months, though they also are required to receive additional training each year for a period of one full month.

- Crewmen:  Standard soldiers.  Not much more to say. 








Military Vehicles:



- Garda-class Battlecarrier:  The largest military vessels the Corpus operates, there are only four of these monstrosities.  They carry multiple Daka-class assault ships and Falta-class dropships, and are armed with several Railgun, anti-missile, and laser batteries. None have ever been lost to combat.  Each ship of the Garda-class are operated by one of the Generals.


- Vecta-class cruiser:  The workhorse of the Corpus navy, the Vecta class is armed with four railgun batteries, and numerous laser batteries across the ship.  They carry two Daka-class assault ships each and eight Falta-class dropships.


- Daka-class assault ship: Armed with a forward-mounted railgun and four point-defense lasers, this ship is also armed with high-powered mining laser on a robotic arm, used for cutting into the hull of an enemy vessel.  Once a hull breech is attained, the Daka assault ship may then use four more robotic arms and a specialized gel seal to attach itself to the enemy ship, and activate an end-point for boarding portals for attack crews to enter the enemy ship. 


- Falta-class dropship: Used for deploying forces on the ground, moving troops to and from orbit of a planet or asteroid base, and taxi'ing individuals from one corpus ship to another. 





Event name:  Admiral's Gambit.


- Preview trailer, showcasing the new Warframe: Vixen.  Alongside the new railgun and chaingun weapons, showcasing all of their abilities.  Towards the end of the trailer you see a reference to a new event; following which there would be a cutscene of Nef Anyo recieving his promotion onboard one of the Garda-class battlecarriers in a large ceremony room, and then the screen would go black.  You would hear Nef Anyo say "I've seen what you can do Tenno, and I want to make you an offer."  Before going silent for 5 minutes, then you would see Ambulas powering on and starting to stand up from his cradle. (Ambulas would be 100% orokin.)


- In-game intro:   Extended cutscene; opening with a shot in space moving towards a Corpus fleet, several Vecta class cruisers around a Garda-class Battlecarrier, and numerous private ships around the fleet as well.




Lotus:  "Things have changed, Tenno.  Parts of the past have been found, things which would have better been left buried and forgotten"




Screen goes black for 5 seconds




(corpus) General Uriel Asten:  "We are here to commemorate the services of Sergeant Nef Anyo, in this discovery of what may very well be the deciding factor in our war with the Grineer.  For this great contribution to Corpus, so shall a reward be given, so it is with pleasure that I bestow the rank of Admiral upon this man."




Nef Anyo:  "Thank you sir, it is truly an honor."




Screen goes black for 1 second




-we see a picture of the Oort cloud as the screen pans, and among the asteroids and ice we see glints of gold here and there.




-Screen goes black for 1 second




-We see Grineer searching around an orokin manufacturing area in an asteroid, and you see them prying open a door, before you hear a scream as infested start pouring out of the now open door, and gunfire erupts.




-Screen goes black again for 1 second, and you hear a short, childish laugh (female)




-end of cutscene played on youtube, in-game cutscene continues-




-pop up to a projection screen in what is obviously a part of a dojo, noting that there is a message, and the message is silently selected-




-Nef Anyo appears on screen-




Admiral Nef Anyo:  "I've seen what you can do Tenno, and I want to make you an offer.  Recently the Corpus were able to get the outer terminus solar rail operational once more, opening up travel into the outermost asteroid belt; the Oort cloud.  I led an expeditionary team during my shore-leave to explore the Oort cloud for Orokin technology, and upon finding a broken down shuttle, discovered on it's databanks a reference to a weapon known as the "titan."  It speaks about it's destructive potential, and it references where the manufacturing facilities within the Oort cloud are located.  However when we first started searching for these locations, we made an alarming discovery; The Grineer were already deeply in-system, and we were forced to withdraw.  Without your help Tenno, I fear that the Grineer will undoubtedly discover the titan, and utilize it's technology to overpower us in this war.  Should you choose to assist us, you will be well rewarded, not only with credits, but with new weapons as well.  I hope you will make the right decision."




-you see the close of the messaging system, and the cutscene ends-




-splash screen appears over your UI-




Pick your side:  you are required to choose a side in this conflict.  Who shall you support?




Corpus / Grineer




Alongside each you will see the names of the weapons and gear. 


- Oort Sector A:  Melee weapons.


- Oort Sector B: Sentinel skin.


Oort Sector C: Warframe skin.


Oort Sector D: Secondary weapon.


- Oort Sector E: Primary weapon.




At the bottom of the page in text:  "Completing all nodes twice in a sector will also provide you with the opposing side's weapon.  Completing all nodes in this event twice will provide you with an event-exclusive warframe:  Vixen Prime.




From there you will have the event location auto-unlocked to access if you haven't finished through pluto already, though you will see the solar rail connection from pluto.  Each Oort cloud sector would be made up of 10 locations; 2 eliminations, 1 defense mission, 1 mobile defense mission, 2 sabotage missions, 1 invasion mission, and 1 boss fight.  You would have a mix of enemy units and infested in the missions.  Also, this entire sector would use a new tileset:  "Orokin manufactury"   And the final mission would use a unique tileset.




Boss fight 1: 2x infested titans.


However before this it would be listed as a spy mission:  you would be directed to find the database, and on the floor you would find two skeletons, but in the room you would notice writing, and you would hear:


Nef Anyo:  "Thats... Corpus writing... but what is it doing here?"


Seargus Ruk:  "Corpus words... on Orokin ground?"




After the data is aquired, there would be a moment as they look over the information.




Nef Anyo:  "We were slaves then?.. I... Here's the location of the titan, Tenno... I need a moment to think."


Seargus Ruk: "Hah, they truly were always dogs. And I have the location of the titan.  Go."


Boss fight 1 would have you approaching the first manufacturing center believed to house the titans, but you would find it overrun with infested.  Nef Anyo / Seargus Ruk would spurn you on until you got to the manufacturing floor, and you would discover the infested titans, which would slowly break free of the infested-coated wall and begin moving towards you.




Boss fight 2: 1st Grineer Sister / Admiral Addacleas (corpus boss).


To be designed.




Boss fight 3: 2nd Grineer Sister / Sergeant Derf Anyo (as in the derf anyo thread.)


To be designed




Boss fight 4: 3rd Grineer Sister / Admiral Nef Anyo (revamped)


To be designed




Boss fight 5: Ambulas + Stalker (team battle)


-cutscene begins-




-you see the stalker at an Orokin terminal, typing in a series of commands before looking over towards you, hissing-



Stalker (speaking in english):  "So you've come?  Then you will be the first to taste the vengeance you so deserve.  Meet Ambulas; the last Orokin warrior.  He who has more a right to your lives than I for the destruction of the Orokin Empire a millennia ago.  Meet your end."




-stalker presses one last button on the console, and you see Ambulas start up, hear the whirring and creaking of the centuries-untouched servos, hear the creaking of metal as Ambulas stands up from his cradle, and start to move and look at it's surrounding, before eyeing the tenno.




Ambulas: "Betrayers!"



-Ambulas' weapons power up as it takes a step forward, cutscene ends.




Tileset notes:  On this entire tileset, there is a chance of seeing ghosts.  Some silent where you see the tenno killing humans.  Others with voice with such things as "No!  The betrayers have come!"  and other shrieks of pain.  Sometimes you would simply hear ghostly sounds.






Key Characters: You may wonder who are the ones leading the charge in each side? In the past event it was General Sargas Ruk vs Alad V. Due to its susses last time Sargas Ruk is sent once again to hunt this new Orokin techonolgy, whit Tyr Regor to tag along and do further research on the infested, and they will have to go toe to toe against Admiral Nef Anyo. But we are not alone, on the side of the Infested there seems to be a woman taunting the Tenno, it cant be Corpus nor Grineer as she kills both relentlessly whit her poisonous pods and mutated beasts. Who is this Woman behind the veil? is she allied whit the Infested? another rouge Tenno? IS SHE LOTUS! or maybe another faction we didnt know? only time will tell.






THE SKINS: With the introduction of the badlands it seems the nodes through the system will be pretty much player drive, depending on Diplomacy between clans and said clans will also support a spesific faction. Whit this skins you will be able to show your friends who are you suporting and give the player far more customisation than ever. You can equip this skins without expending them, like Sentinel accessories, but of course each warframe will look different from each other, each sporting a new Corpus/Grineer look (that goes beyond just a color patter like the immortal skins).




REWARDS: Note that all rewards will be awarded to the players regardless of what faction wins. Its the last rewards that will only be awarded to the winning faction.









Admiral Nef Anyo



(Soul Calibur V base for Nef Anyo)


Creator's Note: So FINALLY got some time to take this pic and post it here, excuse the crappy resolution it was a ye'Old Tv. ANyways this is more or less what im looking for with Nef Anyo, a Rightful and repectable figure perfectly capable of beationg the crap out of you in a single shot. I choose Raphael's Style since Nef is a Sniper, wich is all about presicion, much like Raphael's La Rapière des Sorel and if i could record it you should see it the guy is simple a sight to be see. Also that raiper looks pretty Orokin if you ask me :D




The big one, the main man of this update the now Admiral Nef Anyo will be the force behind the new units and giving the Tenno an offer they won’t like to miss.


Creator's note: Still working on his Battle and design. He is still going to be a Sniper but instead of standing out in the open he will hunt you down through the entire lv and you have to look for him. He also has a Railgun instead of a normal sniper rifle, caus ehey if its worth doing is worth overdoing.


Overview: Keeping whit the Sniper theme Nef Anyo will focus on stealth and taking down targets from afar, heres the catch: he doesnt use a Sniper rifle but a FREAKING RAILGUN! so big it has to be carried in three diferent pieces that are united through electromagnetism.




Personality: Respected and feared by the Chairmen Nef is know as a man of his Word, respectful and patient. Owner of one of the biggest weapon manufacturing companies Nef uses his funds to research deeper into the Orokin and Tenno technology, the stranger and more efficient the better.


In the battlefield Nef favors tactics over sheer force, his forces may not be as heavy armored as the Grineer or as relentlessly powerful as the Infested whit the proper tricks one can overcome any threat.



Boss fight (Mars):


Cinematic: You see Nef inside an outpost looking through a window whit his helmet off and the railgun on a side, then we see the Traditional Tenno airship leaving Tenno on the arena. Nef then calls through the communication network for his men to arm, get his helmet on and walks toward the door. Once open reveals the heavy storm outside, whit Railgun in hand he walks outside and the door closes.


Battle starts.


Level Design: On Arrival you will land on the middle of a snow plane. It’s a large scale arena covered in snow and little “houses” like Outpost where you can use to evade the winter storms, as well as several hidden underground passages you can use.


Level Mechanics:


- Winter is coming: every 25 mins a strong winter storm will strike the arena, damaging your shield over time, to evade it the Tenno must hide on the Outposts or Hidden passages. Damage is considerable and constant. The storm last 10 mins.


- Outposts: This outpost are rather small whit only one mayor room and a second floor whit outside view, you can use it as cover from enemies, though if Nef is near he can shoot through the walls. Some Outposts are connected to the hidden underground passages.


- Underground Passages: Hidden tunnels that allow for easy travel through the winter storms, stay alert as they normally have enemy units in them.


Enemies on the arena:


- Winter Sniper Crewmen: Sniper crewmen equipped to survive on winter storms. (Working on how to improve Sniper crewmen) Commonly found on top of Outposts or traveling on Hidden passages.


- Winter Prod crewmen: Prod Crewmen immune to winter storms. Unlike its common counter parts they prefer to wait on Hidden passages and surprise the Tenno.


- Winter Railgun MOA: Railgun MOAs adapted to survive on winter storms. Commonly found on high ground with Prod crewmen to protecting them.






Starting a boss fight: "This is a restricted area for Corpus personel only, leave now or the next bullet goes on your brain. You do have a brain right?"





- Despite all the security measures used when building the Railgun it still has a brutal recoil. Nef fixed this by creating a Glove that, through electromagnetism it heavily reduces the gun’s recoil.

- Despite this Nef still needs to repair the glove every so often to keep it functioning.

- Due to its suscess finding new technology on the void Nef was promoted to Admiral.

- On Mars and Pluto most Corpus units are much stronger as Nef himself ordered his units to be upgraded. Crewmen are also named “Delta Crewmen”.

- As he stated the Nef Anyo that players fought all this time was a cheap humanoid Proxy meant to distract the Tenno from his operations on the void.

- Nef Anyo has been exploring the void searching for the ultimate Orokin War machine known as the "Titan".

- Nef Anyo's event "Fight for the Titan" is the First event to include 2 Boss reworks: The new Nef Anyo an Amulas as the Salvaged Orokin Titan. 

- The "Gravidus Dilema" doesn't count since Alad V was a New Character created for the event.

- Nef Anyo despises Alad V for wasting Tenno Technology in what he calls "Foul pets" rather than improving Corpus technology like Weapons and Improved Gear, not to mention he keeps them for himself.





Reniko, Intoxicating beauty:


WARNING: This boss has some details that may be too extreme/graphical for some. You have been warned. I mean it.



Overview: The first of the Three Sister is revealed! AND SHE’S INSANE! Reniko is known for her vast knowledge on the fields of genetics and Bio-Weaponry, applying this knowledge to modify her own body whit a wide arsenal as savage as is efficient.




Personality: Reniko has a severe superiority complex, looking at others as nothing but playmates for her to experiment on, coupled whit a very sadistic sense of humor.




Mechanics: Every now and then Reniko will interrupt your transmission to invite you to her “Game”, not that you can say no. During this transmissions she will make fun of the Tenno or start talking whit an NPC of the area, like Lotus. Most of this “games” involve various sickening challenges from turning the entire ship crew into monstrous mutants, flooding the level whit Infested of all classes forcing you to fight both Grineer and infested and even replace the current boss to challenge you personally. She normally appears in Grineer missions but can also appear in Infested and Corpus, it seems she is attracted to Defense and Rescue mission since it’s where she appears the most. Using Valkyr or Nekros also seem to get her attention.


Disposal Team: A team of a team of Grineer soldiers equipped to dispose of the remains of the games of punishment. The Team consist in:


Bio-War Cleaner:


Overview: Heavier than the common Scorch the Cleaners port heavy infested flamethrowers whit a flame not as whide as the Ignis but is much longer and can ignite the ground, making them one of the most fearsome forces on the Bio-War line.


Appearance: Similar to the frontier Helions but without backpack and heavier looking armor.

Weapons: Combustor: Unlike the normal Ignis this one is large and heavy, its flame is slimmer and longer, it can also ignite the ground for 5 seconds.





- Reniko has a twitter and a Youtube account, every now and then she posts some of her murderous games for her fans’ delight.

- She’s the first of the Queens to be revealed, she stated that there are two more.

- Said by her author, Krauserlols, each of the three sisters has a symbolism behind them:

  - Reniko (In the middle) represents the human’s desire to overcome and dominate death itself.

  - Regna (Youngest of the three) represents Human’s lust for immortality and to what extreme they are willing to go for it.

  - Gaia (the Oldest) represents human’s god complex, creating new live by themselves.

- As read in her official profile: 

  - Dislikes: Getting bored, follow very strict rules, ethics, toast.

  - Likes: MOAs, Valkyr, experimentation, torturing slow and painfully, her sisters.

  - Doesn’t get that well whit her sisters, although she respects their power.

  - She doesn’t use underwear, in fact her armor just happen to cover her breast and waist.

  - Her favorite color is grey, WHIT SPARKLES.

  - While Bisexual she seems to be more inclined to women.

  - She is Bisexual and Necrophilic (Likes both sexes and a lustful desire for dead corpses).

  - Said to have a crush on Kela.

  - Reniko suffers from a superiority complex

  - Shes the second youngest of the three sisters.

  - Height: 176 cm.

  - Weight: 90 Kg.

- While the Queens are officially Twins Reniko is still considered a Queen, wether she is an actual Queen or just a really high ranked officer is still unknown.

- Reniko has a special quote refereeing to the Mire, claiming she has been looking for it for quite some time meaning that they are related in some way. Its hinted that she may have created it.

- Reniko stated on her twitter that she once rode a MOA, it was pretty fun and will try it again soon. This MOA was apparently an early model of Amulas.

- It’s rumored that she is not a clone but rather an old human later awoken, like the Tenno.

- She is the first boss who can interrupt transmissions of other characters and get in some weird conversations whit them. Mainly Alad V, Vay Hek and Lotus.

- Reniko is filled whit a strange green substance that is toxic for the living and able to rise the dead. Hence why her decaying pods damage even her own Grineer troops and can reanimate the dead. It is unknown if this is the same substance Toxic Ancients carry.

- On levels where Reniko transmits, dead corpses will last longer than usual, up to 20 seconds if they weren’t disintegrated by potent skills like Molecular Prime.

- Reniko can deploy a “Disposal team” to that area that consist in various Grineer units whit strange armor and Biological weapons seen in the Bio Lab, like the Scoliac or Phage.

- Reniko’s quote “Cheers! Bravo! Exelente! Slooooooooow clap!” is a reference to a phrase Handsome Jack told the Vault Hunters after they defeat Wilhelm in Borderlands 2.


Character relationships:

- It seems she has some history whit Kela.

- Tyr Regor: Personal assistant.

- It’s implied that Alad V and Reniko had something whit each other, whether it was just business or something more is yet to be revealed.

- Gaia and Regna: Sisters. Together they are the three Grineer Queens.















Overview: ITS HERE, ITS HAPPENING, FINALLY SOME INFO ON THE TITAN! Titans are gigantic mini bosses that will appear every now and then on Corpus missions on Mars and Pluto. They usually spawn alone in an arena like section. They are heavily armored and pack quite some firepower. Still pretty early concept so I will write the story while I work on the concept.




Story: In their last effort to protect themselves for the danger that was to come the Orokin created the Titans, guardians of the Orokin they could wipe out entire armies of enemies without much effort. But their joy wouldn’t last long. The infested managed to find a way to sneak inside the Titan factory and ruined their plans.




Now some of this forgotten and tainted factories have been found, Years of evolution shows new and more powerful infested and the remains of the Titans that may or may not be possible to salvage.




Titan variations:




Corpus Titan:




Codex Entry: Using data collected from the few parts and Orokin logs Corpus found they managed to recreate the Titan, a machine of war from the Orokin Era. It may not be as powerful as his predecessor but it still more than capable to defeat even the strongest of foes.


Stats (Suggested by Evariskitsune):




   Sprint speed: 0.75.




   Time to turn 180 degrees: 2 seconds.




   Jump height: 2 meters. 




   Shields: 2000 proto shields, regenerative as with warframes though at a 25% rate penalty vs excalibur base. 








    Alloy Armor: 500




    Robotic: 5000.






Infested Titan:




Codex Entry: Through years of evolution the Infested found a way to merge whit the damaged machines, creating an abomination of flesh and metal. Its arsenal is limited compared to its counterpart but that won’t stop it from destroying everything in sight.


Stats (Suggested by Evariskitsune):




   Sprint speed: 0.50




   time to turn 180 degrees: 4 seconds. 




   Jump height: 1 meter. 








    Alloy Armor: 500,




    Infested: 500,




    Sinew: 1000.






The last functional Titan that survived the Great War.






Orokin Laser:


 Type: Continuous


 Firing Rate: 10 rounds / second


  Accuracy: 100


 Physical damage: 64


 Impact: 4


 Puncture: 4


 Slash: 56


 Elemental Damage: 32


 Heat: 32


 Crit Chance: 10%


 Crit Damage: 200%


 Status Chance: 25%


 Range: 50 meters




Orokin Plasma Blade:


 Type: Sword


 Reach: 5 meters


 Physical Damage:  200


 Puncture: 50


 Slash: 150


 Elemental Damage: 400


 Magnetic: 200


 Heat: 200


 Crit Chance: 10%


 Crit Damage: 200%


 Attack rate: 1 attack/ second


 Status chance: 10%








Damage Reduction:  To armored parts of the body (non-joints / non head) there is a 75% damage reduction. 


Power Immunity:  Immune to knockdown effects, powers which would cause knockdown, and effects such as Vauban's Vortex.  (However not immune to blinding, stuns, decoys, invisibility, etc.)


Dispel:  As the stalker ability. 


Orokin Grenades:  Launches grenades which deal 100 blast + 100 magnetic damage, with a high chance to proc. 


Magnetic Burst:  When below 50% health, if Ambulas is being attacked in melee, it will unleash an auto-magnetic proc burst within 5 meters in all directions. 


Magnetic Wisp:  When Below 50% health, Ambulas will from time to time launch wisps of magnetic energy which will chase tenno at the same speed as an Excalibur walks.  If it hits, it deals 400 magnetic damage and auto-procs. 


Charge: Charges forward at 3x sprint speed, dealing 200 impact damage and knocking down anything in its path.  After charging, it stands still for five seconds in a kneeling posiiton before getting back up. 








Aggressive:  Will chase after warframes, actively trying to hunt them down.


Primary Target: Trinity warframes


Secondary target: Lowest max shields/health/armor warframe. 


Third target: Warframes using revive ability. 








Damage Reduction:  To armored parts of the body (non-joints / non head) there is a 75% damage reduction. 


Power Immunity:  Immune to knockdown effects, powers which would cause knockdown, and effects such as Vauban's Vortex.  (However not immune to blinding, stuns, decoys, invisibility, etc.)


Dispel:  As the stalker ability. 


Orokin Grenades:  Launches grenades which deal 100 blast + 100 magnetic damage, with a high chance to proc. 


Magnetic Burst:  When below 50% health, if Ambulas is being attacked in melee, it will unleash an auto-magnetic proc burst within 5 meters in all directions. 


Magnetic Wisp:  When Below 50% health, Ambulas will from time to time launch wisps of magnetic energy which will chase tenno at the same speed as an Excalibur walks.  If it hits, it deals 400 magnetic damage and auto-procs. 


Charge: Charges forward at 3x sprint speed, dealing 200 impact damage and knocking down anything in its path.  After charging, it stands still for five seconds in a kneeling posiiton before getting back up. 








Aggressive:  Will chase after warframes, actively trying to hunt them down.


Primary Target: Trinity warframes


Secondary target: Lowest max shields/health/armor warframe. 


Third target: Warframes using revive ability. 













First the Tech doesn’t feel right to me, for that I will divide Tech's work (Been a tank and a deployer) and divide it into two new units:




Codex Entry: Carrying strong armor and a supra Sergeants lead their armies whit unspeakable might. Sergeants have strong shields and health on top of amour plates that can greatly reduce the damage they take until said piece is removed and have the ability to command Crewmen and MOAs to attack an specific target.



Overview: taking the tank side of the Techs Sergeants are like Tech but whit armor plates and now have the ability to give commands to his men in order to focus on strategic target, like focusing a squishy overextended Nova that thinks meleeing a tank whit a caster frame is a good idea rather than a Rhino shooting at them or Taking down a Napalm so it’s easier to dispatch of the rest of the Lancers, or you know the Tenno Capture target.





   Favorite target: Squishy Warframes or heavy Grineer/Infested units.


   Health: High.


   Shields: Very High.


   Speed: low.


   Damage: Very high





  - Command - Assault: Sergeants command a max of 15 Corpus units to attack a specific target. It also increases the damage of the units he commands.


  - Command - Protect: Sergeants command a max of 15 Corpus units to protect an important target. It also increases the armor of affected units. Important targets could be a downed ally Tenno, Sniper or Engineers taking too much damage or even the Sergeant itself if it has taken too much damage.





- They are straight upgrades from the Tech, more durable and smarter but can deploy drones.

- Normally Sergeants use the Supra but on mars Admiral Nef Anyo equip them whit Large Laser Chainguns.

- They are the first Units whit destructible armor, not counting the Corpus helmets.

- When a Railgun MOA spawns an admiral tents to stick whit them along whit a small Crewmen Squad.

- Sometimes when patrolling you can hear them wistle some kind of song.

- When disarmed by Loki the Sergeants use their fist as weapons instead of a Prod.

- Sergeants are the third Corpus Human unit designed for combat. Others beign the Prodmen and Delta Crewmen.











Codex Entry: highly tactical units focused around fixing Robotics and deploying Drones. Able to fix MOAs, Cameras and turret as well as remotely activating them Engineers are a subtle but efficient threat hardwired to the Corpus ship systems.


Overview: Taking the support side of tech and the first female Corpus unit yet to appear the tactical Engineers carry a Spectra that can heal robotics at a very fast rate and are able to deploy both Shield and Scavenger Drones and activate security measures to contain possible threats. They normally spawn in groups of three but will always spread out and fulfill different jobs.


Behavior: Engineers prefer to fix Robotics, by robotics I do mean every kind: MOAs, Drones, friendly Tenno Sentinels and the soon to come “Titan”, all this while avoiding combat at all cost. If attacked the Engineer will run from you while shooting a Cestra whit remarkable accuracy, instead of cover like other units would look for the Engineer prefers to look for more Corpus to cover her, often running toward Sergeants as they will defend her. On top of that they can activate a variety of security measures to make sure the Tenno fail, they can go as simple as activating a laser gate when they pass through to even locking down an area, Shut down the vital support and activating the Turrets, forcing the Tenno to act quickly and test their hacking skills.








   Favorite targets: Railgun MOAs and friendly Tenno Sentinels.


   Health: Medium.


   Shields: High. 


   Speed: High.


    Damage: low.







- Deploy drone: Deploys a drone to support her allies, mostly Shield drones but can also deploy Scavenger drones, though rare.

- Activate Laser Gate: Laser doors are immediately activated once the engineer passes through. Last for 4 seconds if the camera is not active.

- Security Measures: When escaping, if her pursuer is at a safe distance, the Engineer will attempt to get out of the current área and try to lock it down, shooting down vital systems (like when you open a window) and actívate any funtional turrets in the área forcing the trapped Tenno to hack the console. Lockdowns activated by the engineers will have pink colored panels and their hacking minigame are harder. While doing this the Engineer will be totally distracted working on the security panel, meaninga a Tenno outside of the lockdown can kill her and end the lockdown immediately.




Head: One of the few "Humanoid" Corpus units that has no armored Helmet.


Backpack: Her backpack can be destroyed to disable her summoning drone ability.





- Engineers are the first female Corpus unit revealed, they are also the first unit able to alter the environment (activating traps, sealing doors and deactivate Vital Support).

- Engineers are able to run as fast as Loki, the fastest Warframe in the game.






Railgun class MOA:


Overview: The Corpus needed heavier units and since the railgun MOAs didn’t feel like they were using an actual railgun I wanted to give them one, but of course to carry a big @$$ railgun the rather fragile looking MOA needed a facelift. Now Railgun MOAs are basically tanks, High health and its shots can pierce through anything, even Frost Snowglobe. Of course whit heavier armor now they are REALLY slow and still need to charge their shots but when the shot hits, you will fear it.


Codex Entry: Virtually walking Artillery this MOAs where specially crafted to be very durable and carry a very high caliber Railgun capable of shooting through anything in order to hit its target.


Behavior: The new Railgun MOA will often look for vantage points and scan for possible targets. Once they lock on a target they will focus on it till its dead or out of reach. Be aware as the new Railgun can shoot through walls and the new sensors this MOAs come whit can see you through walls and even if your invisible! They are often found whit numerous Crewmen protecting it, also Sergeants and Engineers will prioritize them over other units for protection. NOTE: Railgun MOAs won’t appear on a mission unless it’s on alert. If the Alert is deactivated the Railgun MOA will enter an idle state where it can’t be damaged but also I won’t do anything.






  Health: Very High.


  Shields: none.


  Speed: Very slow.


  Damage: Very High.





  • Threat Scanner: Every 2 seconds the Railgun MOA scans for any threat nearby, the scanner goes through walls and can detect invisible threats.




Gunpack: Like any other MOA their ammo pack takes increased damage.




Strider Class MOA:



Overview: Hammering my head and discussing whit some friends on how I could improve the MOAs I think I nailed it. Now they are smaller, have two cannons (kinda like Dera but sideways) and are far more mobile. Maybe Alad’s pet wasn’t as useless experiment after all, S#&$! Talked too much!




Codex Entry: Nimble and accurate the MOAs are robotic units mass produced to be expendable but effective.




Behavior: MOAs rarely (if ever) use cover and prefer to rush toward the enemy while shooting, constantly moving from side to side even when stationary they try to make themselves as hard to hit as possible.






  Health: Low.


  Shields: Low.


  Speed: Fast.


  Damage: Medium.





- When idle there is a chance for the MOA to dance the cancan.

- The only difference from their original design is that they are smaller and have dual barrels now.








Delta Crewmen:


Creator's Note: The newest adition to my threat so like the Striders these guys may change heavily over time.


Overview: Improved versions of standard Crewmen, the Delta crewmen are tougher and better equipped for combat. They are identified by their black uniforms and carrying Tetras in combat, coupled whit a few gadgets to aid them. Their Tetras, while being slower than the Dera, deals significant damage per projectile.




Codex Entry: Equipped and trained by Nef Anyo the Delta Crewmen cannot be underestimated. Unlike its “traditional” counterparts are found in choke points, creating barricades to stop the Tenno for reaching their objective.




Behavior: Delta Crewmen act pretty much like regular Crewmen except they are usually found behind barricades whit MOAs and security turrets supporting them. Their Choke points are equipped whit barriers, that can be destroyed, on top of Security turrets on the sides whit the Delta Crewmen inside, sometimes whit a Railgun MOA behind.






Favorite targets: Any.


Health: Medium (higher than average).


Shields: Medium (Higher than average).


Speed: Medium (Higher than average). 


Damage: High.





  • Delta Crewmen are the second Human units specifically equipped for combat, first being the Prod Crewmen and Sergeants.




Demolition MOA (Reworked Shockwave MOA):


Codex Entry: Combining Oxium and other metals Corpus has created a metal Alloy that is both durable and light making the Demolition MOAs surprisingly nimble. Created for construction work this MOAs has powerful shockwave attack and strong melee combat coupled with build in explosive in case their target is out of range. Despite being built as construction workers they are surprisingly effective in combat.




Construction Crewmen (Constructors):




Overview: Thinking the other day how to improve the Corpus even more and how the Titans would be I figured out: hey to build the Titans Corpus will need Construction workers! Once again this came to me as I was playing Borderlands 2 (luv that game so much) on my new Assassin fighting Wilhem. I think Corpus could learn a thing or two from Hyperion.




Anyways Construction Crewmen (name still in progress) will be kinda like those Hyperion Engineers from Borderlands two, whit the armored suits created to carry heavy stuff. Because well they are the ones working on the Titan.




Codex Entry: Workers of the Titan the Constructors are Crewmen equipped whit heavy duty power armors, making them very durable and surprisingly versatile in combat.




Behavior: Constructors are often found in space areas carrying or repairing ship’s infrastructure, but can also appear in Titan facilities carrying or pulling heavy objects. If they spot an enemy while carrying a heavy object they will immediately throw it at them, proceeding to rush toward their designed target whit large AoE swipes whit their arms, able to hit more than one enemy at a reasonable range. When dealing whit ranged threats they cover themselves whit their massive hands.




They can also throw things from their surroundings, from barrels to even enemies!






  Health: Very High.


  Shield: Average.


  Speed: Slow.


  Damage: High.






  • Pick and throw: Pretty straight forward, they can pick stuff from the environment and throw it at a ranged threat. This includes picking Explosive barrels, construction parts or even someone who gets too close! Yep he can pick you and throw you toward your friends dealing damage not just to you but your friends as well.





- Constructor crewmen are pretty similar to the Hyperion Engineers from Borderlands 2, just whit bulkier armor.

- Constructor can only be found on Pluto or in construction sites on Corpus maps, the only time they are seen actively in combat is during early lvs of Defense or Survival missions near Pluto.

- They are the first enemy unit that was not created for combat, Construction armors where created to aid Crewmen in carrying heavy objects efficiently and better protection while repairing. They just happen to be caught in combat.

- Strangely enough when selected as Leaders they only appear as Lifesteal Leaders.




Prod Crewmen:



Overview: Men it was hard to improve on this guys, and I mean really improve not just minor buffs. After major testing on the Melee 2.0 i managed to give the Prodmen some powerful tricks up their sleeve. [DE]Drew would be proud.




Codex Entry: Prod Crewmen are known for being one of the most dangerous units in the Corpus lineup. A fearless attitude and specialized melee arsenal Tenno should not underestimate their strength.




Behavior: Like most melee units in this game Prodmen will rush at an enemy to attack them. Difference is when charging they activate a polarized shield that will not just block but redirect projectiles. When in melee range they will swing their Prods whit a moveset similar to the Machete stance whit slight differences.






  Health: Medium.


  Shields: High.


  Speed: Fast.


  Damage: Medium.





- Jamming Prod: Their Prods don’t just shock on hit but also jam your guns for 8 seconds, forcing you in melee mode. You have to manually change to your guns when the effect wears off.

- Distortion shield: A shield that redirects bullets toward nearby enemies. Cannot be bypassed even whit Punch through. (Works like Zephyr’s turbulence but only in front)

- Prodmen proto-suit MK 2: A suit created from Warframe technology research it gives the Prodmen higher defenses, improved shields and Propulsors on its back to dash toward opponents.





- Propulsion dash: When his target gets out of range they can use a short propulsion blast to dash forward, knocking down opponents.





- Their fearless attitude mentioned in the Codex is a reference to the Legend of “John Prodman”, a Prod crewmen said to once defeated Phorid whit little outside help.

- Prod crewmen are the first Corpus Human unit to be equipped specifically for combat, as most Human units are workers armed to defend themselves. The other being the Delta Crewmen.




Changes to the AI


On this section we are gonna talk about the overall strategy that the new units will use when fighting the Tenno. For this we are first going to look at the Frost outpost units.


First off the amount of Crewmen should be heavily reduced, as a technological faction Corpus relies on Robotics, common Crewmen occupy command rooms and security alerts. The only “human” units that will actively participate in battle are those that are armed to do so like the Sergeants, Engineers and Prodmen.


Unalerted State


Railgun Class MOAs, Sergeants, Privateers (working on them) and Prodmen rarely appear during an unaltered mission. On unalerted missions it’s mostly filled whit Patrols of Strider class MOAs and some shockwave class MOAs.


Crewmen appear only in control rooms, security rooms and Outposts as well as following Cargo class MOAs (Hope they win!).


On the Frozen outpost Tileset Winter Sniper crewmen roam the wild outside area, hidden within the snow.







Soon to come:


- Corpus Titan.


- Drawings for the Units by yours truly! (though if you wish to help i wont say no :3 )


- Nef Ayno's Battle.


- Amulas the Salvaged Titan.


- Improved MOAs  and reworked Shockwave MOAs.


- Shield drone redesign (not gameplay wise, just visual.)




Currently on the work:


- MELEE 2.0 IS OUT! I will be testing it, going crazy whit it! when i properly understand how it Works and how new melee enemies work i will work on the Pordmen and Constructor.


- Eve and I are discussing about the Titans design. They will come dont worry.


- finishing the drawings for the Units. I do have the Drawings for the Engineer and the Admirals but they are on my DeviantART page and cant Access them from this computer, gonna add them when i get back home. You can check out my art so far here: http://krauserlols.deviantart.com/, if you want to check out my fav instead its at your own risk, dont blame on me if you dont like Chubbies.










- Writting Nef's Overview.


- Writting the Event.






- Clarified my point about the problema about Corpus.


- Added a new trivia to the Admirals, you should check it out its pretty fun.


- NEW UNIT: Construction Crewmen.


- Adding various weakspots for the some enemy classes.






- EVENT EXPANDED! Explanation on the event and those involved in it.






- Nef Anyo quotes! i though a good one for the start of the battle.






- Changed first rewards to both celebrate Melee 2.0 and because the Last rewards at the end of the even will be powerful heavy primaries.


- Started to writte Anyo's fight.




21/04/2014 IM BACK!:


- Started my notes on the Titans!


- Added the new MOAs, faster and deadlier!


- Added some Stats to the Titans, thanks to Evariskitsune for the suggestions.






Suffering from diarrea, drains me like you have no idea. I promise to post something new, eventually :/






Im all good now so lets get to work!


- Removed Striders, i got better plans for them.




- Some minor thread cleaning.




- Adde the not so Little Socio-economic analysis of the Corpus, by my good friend Evariskitsune


- Turned the Socio-Economic Analysis into spoiler for easier Reading.






- Added Corpus military structure, once again created by my good friend Evariskitsune


- Due to the new Military structure added i switched Admiral as Nef's new Rank and now Admirals are Sergeants. Dont worry they are the same just switched the names.


- Added trivia on how Nef got promoted to Admiral. Still working on the detailed Lore on how he was promoted.






- Revamped event. Trough the power of Imsomnia Evariskitsune amplified my Event ideas and wrap them up pretty nicely. Go get some sleep girl you deserve it.


- Saved Nef boss section in a spoiler. Should be easier to travel through the Post now.








- Some grammar corrections.






- Delected the duplicated rewards.






- Added Amulas data.




- THREAD IS SAVED! still some tweacks here and there but its back! Preview Post has become my best friend.


- Fixed black text on several parts of the thread.


- Playing around whit some Reniko Mechanics.




- Started developing Nef boss fight (Mars). Told you i would do it. More to come later.

- Added a link (on the top) for Reniko's talk show. You should go and ask something, you may be surpriced by the answers :D




- Added changes to the AI and Unalerted state.

- MOAs now have "classes"! check it out! 



- NEW REWORKED ENEMY: DEMOLITION MOA (from shockwave MOAs). Still working on them.


6/3/2014: Lots of work! too little time!

These last weeks have been a nightmare, like seriously i had too little time between work and University to do anything, since its my last semester i hope i can finally get over with it and focus on my artistic side! now the Updates!

- All i got for now is the anticipated Nef Image! Sadly i havent had uch time to finish its drawing and do a proper touch so i desided to post his SOul Calibur counter part, like the first thing i did was creating both Reniko and Nef on the Creation mode, that is the closest thing i can get for now but the more i play it the more parts i unlock so i may refine some aspects of its armor. ENJOY and i will post a proper drawing once i get time.





We are in need of Artist and Fan support, head over here see if there is something you can help us whit:




Dont forget to bump both threads!




Special mention to this guy's post:




He has some cool ideas too.


Heres another amazing boss idea for the Corpus, CORPUS UNITED!




Interresting Corpus boss voice actor:




Pretty good if you ask me. I have been talking whit its creator and he may be added to the event.






That's all for now folks! I will keep working on this Day and Night to improve the Corpus even more and if you guys help me who knows? maybe it even gets implemented! Some may think its useless, that DE doesn't care but I know they do, I know DE every now and then checks the fan forums so I still got hope.


If you don't, if you think its futile still I got a word for you, as my good old friend Abigail "Misty" Briarton would say "Doing something is better than doing nothing".



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Jacate Yeah because Crewmen arent soldiers they are workers thus they should take kind of a back seat and led the robotics take the front.

Also i have some new Admiral Ideas on my sketch book, plannign on making them use kind of an Exosuit of sorts, a bit more high tech.

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The striders seem to resemble the Chromas from Dark Sector in their characteristics, was this intentional? I really loved fighting those things, I would also love to fight the Dark Sector Stalker in warframe. :D


I really like how you've taken an important view of the AI accompanying the units rather than just their stats, abilities and weaponry. Kudos! We need more enemy types in warframe, especially the infested.

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You have a point here. I've always imagined the Corpus as more like the Romans; disciplined masters of tactics.


So you know those turtle shield things Romans used to do? Maybe all Crewmen could be equipped with a shield to do a tactic like this, while sniper units shoot in between the shields.

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You have a point here. I've always imagined the Corpus as more like the Romans; disciplined masters of tactics.


So you know those turtle shield things Romans used to do? Maybe all Crewmen could be equipped with a shield to do a tactic like this, while sniper units shoot in between the shields.

i was planning on giving Crewmen a deployable energy shield, may add them officialy.

We Corpus believe in strategy

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The striders seem to resemble the Chromas from Dark Sector in their characteristics, was this intentional? I really loved fighting those things, I would also love to fight the Dark Sector Stalker in warframe. :D


I really like how you've taken an important view of the AI accompanying the units rather than just their stats, abilities and weaponry. Kudos! We need more enemy types in warframe, especially the infested.

Funny I haven't played dark sector, sadly, actually they are based on the Stalkers from Borderlands 2. Sneaky A******s.

I think Corpus are the ones in need, currently the infested are balanced enough.

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Considering your use of punctuation, I am very suprised you don't know how to spell with. All constructive criticism on grammar aside, I think your very wrong about the corpus lack of personality and defining characteristic. The first on that comes to mind is shields or their use of technology ie ospreys, moas and turrets. Also as for "personality" the Grineer a are mechanical domination bent clones, the corpus are technological profit based merchants so I would say they are unique.

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Considering your use of punctuation, I am very suprised you don't know how to spell with. All constructive criticism on grammar aside, I think your very wrong about the corpus lack of personality and defining characteristic. The first on that comes to mind is shields or their use of technology ie ospreys, moas and turrets. Also as for "personality" the Grineer a are mechanical domination bent clones, the corpus are technological profit based merchants so I would say they are unique.

guess I didn't explained myself properly. What I mean by that is that yeah they are a merchant cult who rely on robotics to do what they do, and thats unique however my problem is that the theme is there but its not used.

taking your example the Grineer are known for been psychopathic war hungry clones who's dna us rapidly degenerating. Gameplay wise its represented as the Grineer relying in sheer force and numbers and using mechanical enhancements to counter the degeneration.

Now Corpus is a Merchant cult who suposely harvest Tenno and Orokin technology for their business. Gameplay wise they act the exact same way as the Grineer just rushing and gunning with few robotics whit no real use of Orokin/Tenno technology, like at all.

As you see they do have a "theme" however is not well implemented, and thats what im trying to archive

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Hmm, I dont think Corpus should rely so much on tankiness to be fair, I mean the moas are quick (however they cannot run and shoot) ospreys are airborne and they sport the more mobile bosses (Hyena, Raptor, Zanuka and Alad V, the only exception being the Jackal)


I think they should redesign the Corpus tech to be of normal size and moving speed using a weapon more fitting corpus tactics, suppression fire and wall barrages are more of a grineer design.

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Rawnrawn i know im working on that but Tank units are still a need. Note that i added Only three: Admirals, Railgun MOAs and the Titans. The Constructors are though but not as much as say the Admirals but are much faster and versatile when fighting.


My goal is for the Corpus to have diferent units that Synergize whit each other at some degree and Tanks are always welcome, if only a few of them.


About the Grineer no, Grineer tactics are all about Flooding the enemy whit brute force and numbers whit all kinds of Heavy weapons. Thats why im giving Corpus a more tactical point of view on the battefield.

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couldn't read all today, but anyone trying to improve Corpus is a cool person and deserves my +1

I know its long but its just there is so much to work whit, so much in need to improve that holy S#&$ its long!

Thanks for the support and spread the word! Corpus followers need to be together cause it seems we arent many!

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This is just awesome.


Though on a thought, maybe you could make the railgun like this for ?  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/208845-railgun-weapon-concept/


Also any thoughts as to what the titan would be armed with?  I would be thinking in my mind something called "titan" would have variable launch angle multi-lock capable missile launchers, a projected energy weapon in one hand, leaving the other for grasping, perhaps with an extendable melee weapon on said arm for close quarters combat, perhaps a blade or spike.  IDK, that's just what comes to mind for a whole "titan" bit.


Then on MOA improvements.... Well one point of idea is taking advantage of their layout when firing; they should be able to make themselves a smaller target simply by squatting down, which they appear capable of in their design, and makes more sense than just standing there while firing, unless they're trying to block a passageway.  But that would be more suited to the heavies; fusion MOA's and anti-MOA's, than the regular sort.  


Anyhow, those are just my thoughts.  Overall it's awesome and I'd really like to see this implemented in-game.

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Evariskitsune FOr the Railgun i already have my own heavy railgun desigh, problema is im still strugling whit Nef's Anyo design.


Titans are still in pretty much "Alpha" i got the idea but not really well developed. I was thinking Titans could be kind of Mini-bosses the size of Lephantis or maybe a bit smaller. Still not sure how "humanoid" they will look but be sure they will pack alot of firepower and defenses. Your ideas are pretty cool though, may use some of them.


On the MOAs i was thinking they could behave like the Marauders in Borderlands 2, they could stand there, shoot a couple of times then rolling to a side or maybe just running and gunning around its target. They are suposed to be mobile turrets and F*** they will be when im finished whit them



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