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This is an odd bug, and it is possible that it may be on my end as well, so I will post here to see if anyone else gets the problem.

Tinkering with certain display options in Warframe (I haven't singled out which option it is, or which combination of options) can cause Warframe to crash on my computer, locking my desktop resolution at 1024x768, then forcing the game to run at either borderless with my previous resolution setting (1680x1050), making it impossible to change back. Pressing alt+enter to force the game into fullscreen mode crashes the game. Running the game with fullscreen ticked in launcher settings allows me to play at native resolution, however, attempting to change any options in-game causes the game to crash as well. Sometimes the game will even run at fullscreen (without the option being ticked in launcher settings) at 1024x768, crashing whenever I try to change resolution back to native in-game.

It appears that the only way to change my desktop resolution outside of the game is to restart my computer, as attempting to set my desktop resolution back to native via window's screen resolution settings or my nVidia panel resolution does nothing.

It's possible that there may be conflicts with Warframe and my drivers (they are up to date, running beta drivers though). I have thought about downgrading drivers to see if that's the issue, but I'd like to know if this is a problem for other players as well before I go through that mess.

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