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[Fanfiction] Chronicles Of The Tenno - Awakening

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Chronicles of the Tenno 6 - Awakening


            Screams. I remember screams. Tortured, unremitting, unending screams. Voices made for song and command, twisted into agonized mockeries of entertainment and servitude. The sick pleasure of our captors, as they... I am now free.


            Birds. I remember birds, flowers, life and joy. The gentle caress of the wind, light pulses of healing and cleansing energy. Much has changed, but many things remain the same. I see that I am still needed, and now that I am awake, I will resume my duties.


            My brothers and sisters... rescued me from that hell. I owe them a debt that I can never repay. Still, I will not scream. Never again. Nothing can compare to -that.- I will not sing, either. I have no joy left. My voice will no longer be that of a victim, nor of a bard. My cries will be to battle. To war. I will empower my siblings and terrify our foes. I will be at the vanguard, my dancing transformed to a battle lust that shields my siblings with the body they saved. No Tenno will ever fall unavenged again. I swear this upon my blood, for I am Valkyr.


            My brothers and sisters discovered and revived me. I owe them a debt that I can never repay. Still, I will try. For too long, my siblings have been without my touch and protection. I will cleanse their bodies and spirits. I will be at the heart of battle, protecting and empowering, smiting and guarding. No foe shall pass my watch. No Tenno will fall in my presence. I am here for you, I swear upon my hands, for I am Oberon.


            The keeper? Why would you ask me about... very well. He means well, and his ideals of purity and faith transform him into a fearsome warrior. As with all of my Tenno brethren, I will protect him with my life and tear apart any who seek to harm him. Their tainted blood will spill, their lives fading as I rend them with bullet, blade, and claw. His spiritual guidance is best served upon those seeking their purposes. I have found mine.


            The bard? I have seen her. My heart aches to see such beauty and gentleness... twisted. No one can gainsay her efficacy, though. She moves as though one possessed. Her drive is relentless, and she is fanatical in a way that is wholly pure and unselfish. Still, with time, I may be able to get closer and help her heal. I wish she would let me look into her eyes, or hear that lovely voice used for something other than a warcry.


            Once, I sang and danced. My skills will be used to protect my siblings, without remorse, regret, or hesitation. I will use them my own way. My new way, that none may endure what I have.


            Once, I blessed and healed. My skills have not changed. I will use them to aid my siblings without reservation. May all be blessed and cleansed, for a renewal of our spirits.

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