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nonlinear gameplay


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I've been playing the game for a few days now and so far im very pleased witht the gameplay which offers numerous possibilities. But i kinda got dissapointed with the maps... So far I've been able to memorise all the tiles being used for the level generation systen and have no need for the loot radar (you can just predict where the storage containers are).

The levels also lack sufficient hiding places (meaning places where enemies can't reach you whilst you regenerate your shiel, reload, etc.) the only one i've come acros so far is the ventilation duct that leads to a hidden room. Also every map has a pretty linear route, meaning you can start at point A pickup an artifact at point B then go to point C for extraction. So i thought to myslef why no have several extraction points ,why not have several routes to get to that point B or C at some times D and F. But that may cause problems, making the maps too big and seperating the teams. The first problem isn't that hard to go around, for example if you take the default large area and add 2 or 3 ventilation ducts above the room and a few under it, also adding some platforms on the sides that go to different rooms (all connected). this ventilation duct and platform idea will actually bring the game a stealthier feel.

The seconds problem where teams would often split up and can't revive on time isn't a true problem when you take a look at the current strategies that players use, meaning they often split up which doesn't always end catastrophically. So this adds another level of gameplay where a player who would like to use stealth to win teamfights can be above the action with a sniper rifle and shoot down key targets whereas the rest of the team would be in the fight praising the eye in the sky. This map style should also be followed by an appropriate A.I. that doesnt constantly attack you the moment the team is disovered but attacks the imediate threat (the teamates who run in guns blazing), but start forgetting the stealthy player. But if the stealth player attracts too much attention (or agro) he will get focused by units who can fit into airducts (which adds new npc possibilites like infected children who are very squishy but jump at the player and start bitting and can only be removed by scrappign on the walls or if a comrade shoots it off you).

Now i've been focusing on the stealthy player but what abou the guy that like to be in the middle of the fight slashing around (let's be fair the current gameplay focuses on that player, or the one that shoots and runs) when players start assuming different roles they start buidling their characters differently making a very tanky character or a burst damage one that can easily escape from a fight. I would also like you to consider adding cooldown timers to skills and that some skills cost little or no energy. Because at this point some 4th skills can easily clear seweral rooms if you time your energy consumption and acquisition.

Another way to make the game nonlinear and unpredictable is to have invasions on ships (or infections) for example the team starts a normal Grineer raid when at some point an Infected probe hits the ship and starts infecting the passenger which starts a small war inside the wessel. Then there is the spaceship at times I feel like the leen fast vessel i'm inviding is douhnut shaped due to the large number of elevators and bendy corridors.I'm just suggesting that you sort the algortims by which the ship is generated to better follow the shape of the actual ship that is being invaded.

If i have any more ideas i'll post them or update this topic.

Sorry if I misspelled something, I just couldn't face the wall of text I just made searching for mistakes :S.

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I agree with this right now its closed beta so no grudge is held against the Devs (keep up the good work) but the levels do become more or less the same Random events would work well like asteroid fields the ship flies in causing the screen to shake or the glass to brake (if in the glass filled room) Or maybe the ship gets attacked by something causing the ship to go into red alert and even a chance for it to be destroyed and you have to do your mission quickly as a timer is counting down.

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