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New Elite Units For The Factions


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-all pictures are just visual aids to give rough look to them,-

As the Beta rages on, the enemies seem to be on the recieiving end of a Tenno smack down.

Well like in all good wars the enemy adapts and presents new ways to fight.

Grineer Executioner

Let's be honest, This sums up the Grineer combat strategy

Eventually you'd think the higher ups who hopefully aren't suffering full on Genetic degradition will realize that the legions of highly expendable shock troops is the opposite of effective against super space ninjas that fight in a hgihly cohesive unit.

The Answer, Use all that genetic manipualtion and Black technology to make a ninja killer.

I'm thinking The size and design of a Terminator armor mixed with the sleekness and simplicity of a Kull Warrior.



These guys would be armed relatively simple, A wrist mount plasma repeater on one arm to lay down quick sprays of pain, a longer range magnum like weapon to deal the hurt/fire off explosives and a Tyfring Darkmatter balde for melee when if you are unlucky really really hurts if they bring it down on your skull.

Unlike the other two elite units These guys would still follow the Grineer principle of being bullet sponges... except they will regen health, teleport on you, throw up barriers that soak up hits as they advance on you, and have shockwave move.

These guys show up, they should make you consider falling back to regroup as they'll take team work -or if solo alot of high powered weapons bt these Elites would show up only in the higer end levels... so it be for you challenge junkies-

Corpus BioFrames

Corpus has been studying warframes for a while now, so lets see what happens when they deploy thier "adaptation" of one

To go with Corpus' whole Avian/bird motif

I'm thinking a twisted mix of Xion's Unborn form


and the Sleek design of the Griffon from Patlabor



maybe make the helmet have beak?

IE as oppose to the Tenno's biotech look... the Bioframe looks more rigid and mechnical.

This bad boy mixings all the things we hate about Corpus into one package, fast fire laser, a high powered chest rail gun, It can fly to quickly close distances and lay mines from above, can jet up and slam down to cause a shock wave to break the group up and has drones that can deploy a forward shield and fire pew pew lasers too. with mounted heat blades for close combat.

The team will have to focus on grounding this opponent or picking a fight that negates it's mobility -fighting it in an open level is a big no no-

and lastly

The Infested Chimera

Since the other two follow the principles of thier faction -Grineer tank and lay down impressive fire, Corpus rush and overwhelm with mid range while long range surpress-

The Chimera is obviously gonna follow the habit of Melee rushing you



by attempting to seduce you????

Well I'll give the infected this they know how to think outside the box.

wait... wrong chimera



There we go

Essentialy take the bullet soaking nature of the ancients, the ferocity of the chargers, Health Regen, A brutal rush attack and the abilty to breath lightning and poison you. The Chimera is that oh **** moment on any infected mission when you hear it roar. You'll need to pummel it from afar to do as much damage as possible... cause it's gonna get to you before you drop it.

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(maybe a rolling ball that shocks you? --- maybe not.)

A rolling ball that shocks you with the energy it absorbs from your shields before splitting itself into 4 more shock balls, which do the same thing.

I wanna be a Nervo Breeder :< Maybe then I can catch all the Pokemon.

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Steve you troll =P

but srsly these are some good ideas (id personally like a more John Carpenter's Thing type infected look)

currently the Grineer heavies and Infected Ancients do spice things up, but it never hurts (well kinda) to have more diverous bad guys

i did really like the addition of the Grineer Seeker (and his kraken is a beast if he hits you up close)

but i would like to see the corpus have more mech unit's and have more space-control tactics than their current zerg swarm of moas (leave that for the infected)

right now the grineer and infected certainly have different tactics, but the corpus is like a blend of the two, and id prefer so see them have their own unique style

TL;DR = +1 OP

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+1 facepalm wrong chimera. Anyways, it'll be cool to fight those.

I couldn't help it she's such an alluring chimera... I want her uranus! XD

The Corpus' problem is they lack any really beefy tank units as a faction, they lack a real cohension to them. So they do the spam tactic of throwing a bunch of really squishy units and hope they can gun you down at point blank range.

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