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Jaw Sword, Entirely Useless?



On the wiki it states that it has weaker stats than the Cronus, and nothing on the article says anything special at all.

So this is basically a crappier cronus that's a pain in the &#! to get? Is this sword only made for looks, with no other purpose at all? :/ Kind of a killjoy.

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I would only use it to get mastery xp. I'll sell it after but you can make any weapons OP by adding mods.

If it's statistically weaker than another weapon, then that other weapon is automatically better with the same mods.

I don't know the polarities on the Jaw Sword, or if it has a special jump attack or anything, but insofar, it's literally a S#&$ty cronus. So, beyond mastery exp, absolute trash tier sword?

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