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Enemy Health Indicators


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So I started playing Warframe maybe a week ago or so and I'm holding off on some of my thoughts and criticisms for now, but this was one of the first things I noticed and it's driving me bonkers to want to say something.

The contrast/visibility of enemy health indicators is terribad. The red and blue for health and shields are both too dark - it's nearly impossible to tell how much health or shields something has without squinting at the screen (which removes my eyes from my target which is bad, thank you very much). The shield color is also so dark that I often can't tell something is shielded by their health indicator.

Please don't tell me to turn up my brightness - right now my game is about as absolutely bright as I am willing to go, given just how eye-burningly bright it gets when my friends and I start spawnnuking. In most games I actually turn down the brightness, and that's not an option here if I want to receive any feedback from my HUD.

On a related note, it's cool that the game wants to tell us about enemy armor etc - but tiny white text is really unhelpful there. It'd be good if enemies with armor reduction had a visual prompt of some sort.

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