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How To Obtain A High Percentage Of Multishot Or Other Skills?



Hello, I am brand new to the game and have only been playing about 5 days if that. I just crafted GRAM and am in the process of crafting Boltor and possibly a new pistol besides the default one. I have a level 30 excalibur and am currently finishing up crafting a Rhino.

My question is how to possibly get a high percentage of multiS#&$ or other damage mods like extra damage for the rifles etc. Any feedback would be much appreciated as I have tried and don't know how people have some of the extremely high numbers that they do; I've maxed out the multishot mod and gotten nowhere near what other people have.

P.S. If you have any specific mods that you think would help with the GRAM, Rhino or Boltor then please comment, any feedback is much appreciated!

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Take multishot on every weapon. No exceptions.

As for other mods, AP is always nice, as it does extra damage vs Grineer and Corpus, and fire damage is nice because of extra damage vs infested. Always put on raw damage mods [serration/Hornet Strike./ increases the damage of elemental mods like this:

30 base damage, with a 100% damage mod, will increase the damage from 30 to 60. Elemental % damage is calculated afte the damage mod is applied, so a 50% fire or AP mod will give you an additional 30 fire/AP damage, rather than an additional 15.

For pistols, fire rate is also great.

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