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Maneuver And Multishot Bugs


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You cannot jump when on the outter side of a railing, as if on a small ledge. This is generally achieved by jumping and landing there. No jump can be performed, and the player must get off of the ledge to climb back up.

Similar instance happens when you either slide to a ventilation pipe and go under the lip, or crouch under it for any reason.

Similar instance happens in other circumstances, difficult to reproduce or otherwise sporatic to the point of not recalling specifics, but inability to jump until you "disengage" the thing you're trying to jump at/onto/over/etc.

Unrelated, but similar, instace where context sensitive ledge grabbing not grabbing.

Some ledges you will automatically jump and grab (most of them), but there is at least one which seems to require holding sprint while jumping at it to grab (the "server room" with the middle of one side leading to a hallway that forks into a circuit with the "room exit" being a grating in the floor)

While doing maneuvers, Sprint has to be continuously reengaged via button press, instead of holding it conveying an automatic transition to Sprint.


Pistol Mod "Diffused Barrel" has a base 20% with 5 upgrade levels, leading to a maximum of 120% multishot.

At present, 100% seems to activate 80% of the time. This was tested inadvertently through using the LEX with damage potential in the range requiring two shots to kill Corvus Crewman in Neptune. Periodically, and with somewhat regular frequency, an enemy will take a direct hit and not die.

This is potentially an error on my part, but there is a lack of feedback (gives one set of damage numbers per pair of shots, very difficult to see a second projectile), but as I routinely am sniping targets with it in one shot, it definitely seems to be, at the very least, less than 100% of the time that it multishoots.

Has not been tested with any other weapons or multishot mods.

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