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Couple Questions



that I didn't find elsewhere in tutorial threads/the wiki- though I might've missed it.

1) Is there a breakdown of bonus credits and bonus exp anywhere? In general, but particularly what's the motivation (other than blueprints) for pushing to higher level zones or fully clearing zones? I remember reading that clearing a zone allows you to do alerts for that planet, but I've done plenty of alerts for zones I either don't have access to at all (bugged, I'd think) or have only partially cleared (much more often the case).

Is it just that higher level mobs give more exp/attunement per kill and higher level zones have more credits/resources in containers? As far as bonus mission exp, what conditions net the highest exp? One of the noob tutorial threads mentioned stealth giving more bonus exp, but doesn't this break even with Killing All The Things?

2) Which faction drops the Redirection mod? Haven't seen it yet.

Thanks all, and sorry if I'm duplicating info elsewhere.

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