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Getting Slightly Annoyed From This...


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Seriously I am currently grinding mercury / venus for around 12 hours at least now...

All I received was this:


What's so difficult about finding a fking "COMMON" mod?


Always this "Sentinel" BS

Any hints?

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I am not sure how true this following statement is but, IMO I think common mods are better thus harder to get, the rarity(common, uncommon, rare) effect how hard they are to level up, and most of the common mods I have found not only scale better with levels but seems to be better overall and being easier to level up almost feels like commons mods are the harder to find ones because they perform better.

But thats just my opinion. again no confirmation on anything I said. I just based on the mods I have been getting.

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i dont know what your complaint is. That you got 1 million mods and very few good ones? Theres very little content in this game as it is, if they gave you all the mods you wanted in 12 hours then what?

you sir are a moron... sorry but ridirection mod is a MUST have...the fact that its a common mod drops MORE rarely then rare mods... is pretty much a MUST have for everyone... and almost never drops... just gonna give you some statistics...

Total Time played: 42 hours

Total number of Redirection mods dropped: 1

total hours farming for it(estimation): around 20 ... half of time i played was trying to get that stupid mod... only seen it drop once, had to use fusion mods to skill it up...and as a rhino frame that mod is a must have... SO anyone saying " but its fiiiine" can stfu! cause its not fine...suppose to farm like that for ultra rare mods... or for blue prints NOT a mod pretty much REQUIRED! to not get your &#! handed to you...

IS NO EXCUSE for this mod being this hard to come by...

Ha ha, I'm still looking for pistol multishot

i have so many of those =P i just sell them now...

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