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Paris Bow



My apologies if theres several threads about this already, but I couldn't seem to find any on it. This is the mod setup I was thinking for my late-game Paris bow


Mods: Serration(14), Piercing hit(9), Fast Hands(6), Ammo Drum(6), Split Chamber (14),

Speed Trigger(5)

Bar Slot (5/6/6): Cold(9), Electrical(11), Fire(11)

Math aside this would equal 60 mod cap. However I've been told that elemental damage doesn't work well with Paris since it's a 'charge' attack. I was wondering if this was true or not, or can Paris still benefit from the elemental effects still.

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I have never actually noticed the efficiency of my elemental mods on paris, just know that it works :3

However, I don't know if reloading speed and rate of fire affects it.

Yes to both the mods working. One determines how fast you pull back, and the other will quicken how fast you load the next arrow.

I don't think it'll work as well as it will with a full automatic rifle as you'll deal the "elemental" damage a lot quicker.

The idea I have for this is for solo stealth killing really xD, with the Afuris as backups for when S#&$ goes down. They attack nearly as fast as a braton would, though way less accurate so would only really be good for when lots of S#&$ is in your way and you cant bow them down.

Though yeh, your right that Auto rifles will throw out more elemental, I'm just wondering if elemental works at all on a Paris.

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Elemental Damage does work on the Bow for sure, it also gets the damage bonus from elemental attacks for the Charge Attack. You can test that on the bigger enemies that dont die on the first hit.

Must have Mods for Paris are maxed Speed Trigger and Fast Hands. Both make it noticeable faster. Serration and Split Chamber are both also the best damage boosts you can get. As for elements, i'd go with Deep Freeze and Hellfire. Slowed mobs are always nice and the Fire does nice extra damage against infested. Electricity is supposed to be good for Corpus but since the bow kinda sucks against them i rather stack the other elements.

Paris is great against both Grineer and Infested. For Corpus i rather use a fast firing weapon. They usually swarm you and the Bow just isn't fast enough to handle them efficiently. Personally i like the AKLato Pistols for Corpus. Good damage, good fire rate, good accuracy (especially since it is semi auto, makes you aim more accuate), overall very good against all kinds of enemies.

I really like my Paris Bow on my Loki. It was the first weapon i supercharged and i didn't regret it.

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Ah alright, so the elemental damage will apply. Thank you for the responses. I'll probably switch between Piercing Hit and Deep Freeze as the first only is really needed to get through Corpus helmets or fighting the Grineer.

The AKLato's would be pretty good, however I personally like the AFuris, or at least feel those would be more effective if one was to get surrounded since they are auto-fire and pretty much act like a weaker assault rifle :P

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