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Extra Mission - Rescue Hostage - Unable To Climb Up Into Ceiling


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Neptune - Laomedeia

There is a small storage room where you have to walk up onto some crates/boards and then jump and climb up into a hole in the ceiling. Hostage did not follow.

I tried to take a windows screen shot but it just ended up all black.

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Well unless he/she dies from being attacked you can actually leave him there and continue on to extraction point to complete the mission.

FYI screenshot button is F6, look inside your install directory (or do a filesearch) for a folder named Captures

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It's the same with maps that have this room, the open room with 6 alcoves on the upper floor where you have to jump into one to continue.



Everytime I get this map layout I try to finish but I end up getting mission failed 4/5 times I've had this come up.

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