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Introducing: Peaceframe!


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At last, there is peace in the Solar System.

We now have PEACEFRAME.


Tenno, Corpus, Grineer, and Infested alike put aside their differences.

The battle is over.

Peace has won.

Cool I can finally stop playing. Nice 1st April joke. I would of preferred a Lotus or Stalker Warframe as a joke thought.

Warframe is no longer PvE. It's PwE. Peace with Enemies.

I prefer PwC (Peace with Community), WvW (Warframe vs World) or Make Love, Not Warframe.

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wish update 8 comes out tommarow or today along with optional reset or a estimate, that would be better annoucement then this joke, april fools day just dont seem as on internet then IRL

Love reading posts like this. Hehe, I saw something new in the announcements and was like oh snap and then I lol'd.

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you should make the guns shoot little stationary peace flags outa them for those who dont read the forums for an april fools gag :D

or better yet tell everyone that update 8 is later today !! That'll get em riled up!

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New Warfram idea.

Tranquillitas - The Warframe of Peace.

This Warframe uses unique ammo, rubber bullets, and can only use blunt melee weapons to incapacitate opponets. Similar to the downed state in Warframes.

First Ability

Make love not War.

Tranquilitas targets one enemy and begins to discuss the power of love. After the discussion is over the enemy will run away from battle seeing that war is not the way. If the enemy is killed as he runs away the next time this ability is used the discussion takes longer.

Level 1- Time of the discussion is cut down.

Level 2- If another enemy comes within range he might join into the discussion.

Level 3- Time cut down and 2 enemies might join in the discussion.

Doesnt work on robots. Infested require more time.

All you need is a Hug.

You hug one warframe which gradually restores health.

Level 1- restores more health

Level 2- can hug a second warframe at the same time.

Level 3- can hug 3 warframes and restores more health.

The Tank Man.

You stand steadfast not allowing any enemy in front of you move an inch. This leaves the enemy stunned wondering what to do.

You must be alone in the front. If other warframes gets in front of you the enemy will start to attack.

Levei 1- extends the forward range

Level 2- extends forward range and works on machines.

Level 3- extends forward range and time it last.

Drum Circle.

You begin to play drums which cause any enemy within range to begin to dance.

To play the drums you perform a mini game and match the keys the appear on screen (Dance Dance Revolution).

If enemies that are dacing are killed the game becomes more difficult.

Level 1- extends the range of the circle.

Level 2- extends the range. If full song is completed half of the enemies will be too tired to fight.

Level 3 - extends range. If full song is completed enemies will drop any items they have and leave combat.

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