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Introducing: Peaceframe!


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Picture made my day (the first one).

Volt for the universal love!

*Volt offers hand shake*

*Grineer takes it in an epic moment of tear jerking sincerity, peace and love*

*Volt channels 2000 volts through his hand*


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Game needs content a lot of it.

This thread doesnt have any logic in it.

Unless i am missing something other than trolling.

*Pops celebratory popper*

*Points to big sign with April Fools written on it*


*Whole crowd enters the room and similarly shouts out the name of the holiday where practical jokes are considered legit before midday.*

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If only we could have the color plate for the peaceframe. I would like to have the ti-dye, how ever the hell you spell it XD


Because it's made by tying strings around bunches of the material to change how much dye it gets

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Forget this being April Fools, I'd actually buy a tie-dye skin for my Excalubur. I'd probably die constantly in-game. I'd be too busy laughing at my character.

I wouldn't mind some 70's style, either.

Maybe add an afro onto my Rhino and get some neat disco clothing.

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