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Revive Activation Box Needs To Be Bigger.


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While issues of placement and distance can vary...

I shouldn't be struggling to revive someone... RIGHT NEXT to them,

The Revive hit box is really picky at times even when I host.

Can't do it from behind, not from the side, nope have to be face them and right on top of them

This becomes an issue if your running to revive someone as you try to figure out why your not getting the revive prompt. that and the revive prompt can appear then disappear with a mere slight movement.

Trying to perform battlefield surgeory in them middle of a fire fight is bad enough... why am I doing rocket science at the same time?

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I have that problem to Lacta, i dont think it is a matter of the revive box being too small (Because really, if you are reviving someone, you need to be next to them)... The main problem is that 9 times out of 10 for me, for some reason, the "Press X to revive" doesn't pop up and X fails to work at all. Instead I am left running around their currently dying body going WTF, shortly followed by a barrage of insults.

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