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Suggestion: Inventory Ui Should Use Scrollbar Not Pages


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Pretty much any places with pages should use a scrollbar, horizontal scrollbar in wrench interface (adding and removing mods from slots) and vertical scrollbar in the market or in the big mod folder.

You should also be able to remove a mod by simply dragging it anywhere that is not on top of another mod or inside the box, instead of having to switch to the last page to drop it in an empty slot.

On your list of all mod page there should be an option to switch to a text list, an option to hide duplicates, options to show only certain types of mods, etc, etc. More customization is always better.


On an unrelated note on your stats page and at the end of game stats screen it should a) show number of shots fired (to go below or above accuracy) and b) when you hover over something explain it.

Time played is the first thing on the list of stats, is that time with game open or only time actually playing? Let me hover over Time Played to find out. Nothing pops up. Skill, I have no idea what skill is. Gross income, is that all the money I've made by selling mods and earning it, etc or is it just money made in game, etc, etc.

You also might want to make it so tutorial warframe usage doesn't appear in stats. And why the hell is the rank challenge your own equipment it should be a standard default equipment for everyone, otherwise the point of having that kind of test is useless as you're not even demonstrating anything.

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I hope they redo most of the the ui, its so overcomplicated the way it is.

I agree, there are some really really weird issues that makes me think they didn't spend much time in the UI (especially it's like they never tried to take a mod off), but most of them are super simple fixes so here's hoping they invest the time making the UI smooth and not something you ever think about.

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