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Need Custom Difficulty System Like Halo Or Bastion.


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Now, thanks to passive increase in Health and Shield, this game became too easy for party and even solo.

So I want to add that system which can add handicaps by myself.

for example,

- enemy health regenerates automatic.

- all enemies have shield

- enemies attack more aggressively.

- no UI

- ...

Of course mission complete with these handicaps should give more rewards.

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As much as I feel it weird to have people to ask for Passive upgrades because the game is too hard, then ask for harder difficulty setting because it's too easy... custom difficulty is not really viable when going Online (what to do when two players with different settings meet?) but I could understand that for Solo, since one can choose freely to test their limits.

Aside from these thoughts, I don't feel like writing anything else (it's also late in my country, not really in the shape for another loooong post of mine).

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