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Last Hotfix Killed The Game For Me


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Not in a terrable way. Not like "omg the game is unplayable now" no no no. But in the past 2 weeks since update 7, i had been farming and farming and farming for a shield mod. In the process of all this farming I maxed out my 3 favorite frames ( I own all of them) and 3 different weapon loadouts for said frames (melee, sniper, midrange loadouts). All the mods I have interests in are maxed.

So now that the absolute "need" for a shield mod is gone....I have nothing left to work for. I feel like I "beat" warframe

I am sad now :(

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I can see that - the next updates will bring Clans and more interesting end-game stuff in to play. Hopefully you stick around!


So you're saying the latest hotfix made you not care about leveling mods?

No not that I don't care. I already leveled all the mods that are relavent to my builds.

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