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Advanced Techniques/maneuvers



I'm not sure if something like this exists yet, but I'd like to get one started. Basically I'd like to compile a list of advanced techniques and maneuvers that can benefit the player and allow for more (even if only slightly) efficient gameplay. I am open to suggestions from anyone, but before you post what you have please try to make sure nothing is duplicated, and when you do post please try to provide suficient evidence and directions as to how your technique works. Also please specify any conditions that must be met in order to perform the technique (like having to be a specific character, etc.) Finally, I'll be assuming default controls for the purposes of explaining directions (or at least close).

I'll start off with two that my friends and I discovered.

1. Jump Strike Cancel

How to do it: Jump -> Melee strike in midair -> Mash jump as you land -> no endlag on your jump attack

This technique is simple and effective for melee combat. I have not tried it with anything other than a sword but I am confident this works with every character and melee weapon. When airborne, press E (melee) to do your plunge attack into the ground, releasing a shockwave. Normally you have noticable endlag (as in you can't do anything while waiting for your character to stand back up). If you time a jump (or mash jump in my case) as you are landing during the attack, you will perform the attack and instantly revert to your idle pose, effectively "cancelling" the endlag of the strike and allowing you to move/attack right afterward without waiting at all. It is possible to repeat this technique into itself, resulting in many jump strikes in a short timeframe and a higher overall melee damage output.

2. Flip Sliding

How to do it: Sprint -> Slide (crouch while sprinting) -> Jump (you should do a flip) -> Hold crouch just as you land to slide again -> Jump again -> repeat

This is a technique to cover more distance without using any warframe abilities/spend energy. It is recommended that you use mods that increase your stamina regen and max if you plan to abuse this. The concept is simple, but it can be tricky in practice since it requires a bit of good timing with each imput. To practice you will need alot of room or a long, narrow halway with a decently high ceiling. Start by sprinting, then go into a slide (where you are on your knees while shooting). After about half a second press jump to do a flip jump forward with high momentum. As you are landing, hold crouch to land into a slide, then repeat the process as often as you can. This technique allows you to cover long distances quickly while using less stamina and while being a difficult target to hit in crowded areas. You could technically use your gun during this move, but you will likely be moving to fast and erratically to aim right unless you just have mad skills.

That's all I got so far, feel free to add more or talk about the applications of any techniques you see here!

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