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New Warframe-Ronin


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Boredom. So just a thought, since melee 2.0 has everyone fapping over shiny why not create a melee based frame. Ronin would be a nice name for this frame for obvious reasons. All of his skills will be rooted from his sword, or weapon. And it'd be a nice frame to compliment melee lovers.

1st skill: Flash Step ( lol if you watch bleach): Ronin, quickly teleports to the directed target and follows with a quick wide slash. Dealing high direct damage and bleed effect. Also hits nearby targets in a small radius.

2nd Skill: Impale: Ronin throws his sword in the directed direction, impaling any enemies in the way, and exploding on wall or ground impact. Then crystallizes back into his hand

3rd Skill: Blade Dance: Ronin summons swords that spin widly around him, deflecting incoming fire and causing bleed damage and a repel to enemies that come in contact with it.

4th Skill: Blade Storm(forgot this was the name of Ash's skill): Ronin summons all of his swords from his realm, and gather them above his head, then launches them outwards towards enemies in a constant sword rain while he hovers in the air. Impaling enemies that succumb to this attack.

As for his appearance, he should be a lean not bulky frame. And should be given some cool overcoat or something .


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I should let you know, ideas crafted out of boredom are generally pretty terrible

i complete disagree, the blade master thing sounds cool, although you are cutting it close with the abilities, sort of a combo of valkryie, and excal, with some ash, the ideas there, you should probably think about it more and get more warframe specific abilities

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Ash is a stealth, actual ninja type character..not a blade master. These skills differ from excal imo. and Valkyr? what . And Ronin is just as creative as Rhino, ash, ember, etc. A lot of frames have similar skills that we could say, oh that's like that frame. So that's a bit on the invalid side to me

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His 1st skill sounds like Teleport, only with a sword attack included.

His 2nd skill is pretty anime-ish. though something I would like to see, if it throws the actual melee weapon the player is holding.

His 3rd skill reminds me of Vergil from DMC3 where he would summon swords that'd circle around him, and drew damage to anyone who got close.

His 4th skill... In my opinion, it's pretty much radial javelin while you walk/float/fly

Being inspired is good. Copying is not.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying..

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