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Steam Verify Option Of Installtion Always Finds 22 Files Missing


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Every time you do a steam verify installtion of WARFRAME, it will alwyas find that 22 files are missing. I have verified this action on 2 completely different computers.It even occurs when you verify, start warframe and exit without doing anything, then verify again, the files will be missing.

If you verify it and find 22 files missing, then do it a again without running the game. The files will NOT be found missing.

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Similar things have happened with a few other games where steam is just activating the launcher for another game. Try checking in the warframe launcher for a button that basically verifies.

For warframe, you click the gear and look for the button that is marked "Clear" beside the line of "Download Cache".

It doesn't take very long dependant on your internet connection and is basically clearing out your patch files and redownloading most of the files. It is better to use then Steams verify for the same reason that someone explained above. Hotfixes and patches of warframe are often not included in the download you got from steam.

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