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Mod's Blue Outline Through Walls Gone?


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So I've noticed last week that DE added blue outlines/shades to mod drops that you can see through walls, very similar to how you can see your teammates, and I loved the feature, especially in huge maps and when your teammates never ever tag the mods.

But after some patches, I noticed that the blue shades on mods is gone and you can't see them through walls anymore. What gives?? Why was it removed?? It's now a pain to traverse huge maps just to see if you missed any mods.

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+1 OP

was a FANTASTIC addition and I'd love to have it back

BUT I would rather see it integrated into Loot Radar (this would make Loot Radar that much more enticing)

give us all some very short range version of the "mod vision" and then allow Loot Radar to enhance it further (see into other rooms and such)

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