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Alternate Rail Conflict Mode: Pure Survival


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OK, so here's the basic idea: when you go in to a rail conflict, instead of a reactor sabotage you do over and over again, you instead of a pure survival mission.


No life support.


You go until you die.




No reviving. The instant you drop dead, you "win" the mission, keeping any loot you obtained thus far.


You fight against only Tenno spectres. Tons of them. Endless waves of Tenno spectres. With lots of abilities and elementally modded weapons, including shield draining and energy draining attacks. And maybe powers that just shut down or otherwise negate warframe powers, so no endless blessing cheese.


Each second you survive, each enemy you kill, and maybe each extra objective you interact with / panel hacked / thingie destroyed, you whittle away at the enemy rail. Survive for 15 seconds? That's still 15 useful seconds.


Difficulty is tuned so advanced players will struggle to make it to 5 minutes and will probably die shortly after. Newer players may struggle to make it much farther than the 1 minute mark. Maybe you get a special bonus treasure for going 5 minutes.


No ammo drops or item use allowed. Run out of bullets? Melee 2.0 baby!


And the spectres drop wicked loot, especially stance mods.


Fast, furious, quick and intense missions. No boring or rushing.


Or grinding. 30 minute cool-down before you can run it again, so victory comes from a lot of different people running the mission, rather than a small group endlessly grinding it over and over.

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Would be nice to have a defensive mission as well with waves of spectres trying to destroy some important part of the rail. Thr defensive missions would counter the offensive missions against a rail. I think this would make rails hard to destroy and making the contest take the entire 48 hours and since ppl want their infested back asap, i dont think ppl would like this idea xD

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