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[Recruiting]Are You Crazy Enough To Call Yourself A Psycho?


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Psychos of Warframe is looking for all mentally unstable Tenno. They said we were probably unfit for duty, but here we are! You are not alone! Don't give in to conformity!


The Psychos of Warframe joined the alliance Kongsi to help the efforts of our Psycho brethren!


Our dojo is incomplete, but making progress. Join today to help the cause! Research is key to our inevitable victory over all opposers to the unstable Tenno!



As such a small clan, you are practically guaranteed a good position in the clan. I only ask that you log on more than once a month so I know you still play. And be nice to the newby recruits!

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Well I'm glad to see replies. As an explanation, I just thought a propaganda type message might lure some people in. Perhaps I should add that, given our size, any new recruits are likely to be highly valued and even ranked high in the clan. Less than 10 and growing. Also, I only ask that you play nice with fellow clansmen, help out the newbies, and contribute resources to the dojo construction. You don't have to be very active either, at least more than once a month so I know you still exist. I understand some people have jobs and that other games exist. I'm not asking for you to put your life on hold.

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