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Specialization System And Unnecessary Resources.


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Well, let's think, we got 15 Mastery Rank, all possible weapons leveled to 30, all warframes and sentinels 30 to. Plenty of unnecessary resources, what next?


I was thinking about system that implement to game specialization rank for all types of weapons like: Rifles, shotguns, bow, crossbows, snipers, launchers, energy weapons, 2h melee weapons, single handed melee weapons, dual handed melee weapons etc. 


Everyone starts with rank 0, to lvl up this players need to collect experience from weapons on 30 lvl ( like boar prime for shotguns, etc) To earn new rank player need to collect a lot of experience, it should be around 5 000 000 ( it's huge but ranks should be unlimited). With leveling from each rank to next player can choose one boost to that type of weapon( like +1% fire rate, 1% damagem 1% reload time, etc. and this should be unlimited too, becouse collecting 5 000 000 expierence on weapon isn't easy). So if someone get rank 10 with shoutguns (what is 50 000 000 exp, collected ONLY from shotguns on 30 lvl) can boosts it by 10% damage or 10% fire rate, or 5% damage and 5 % fire rate. Boosts are not huge compared to that amount of experience. If someone got everything possible in game, he/she can always boosts his weapons.   


Unnecessary resources,


How about implementing missions or allerts that requires resource from player to get better rewards from ending it? ( Like "Corpus need your help to invent new type of moa, they need every single one Nano Spore that you can collect! Bring they on "planet/mission" but be aware of Grineers!"). To start that type of mission player need to get some amount of resource. In reward of succeeding  mision player can get a rare mod, part of weapon, lot of cash, forma blueprint etc. If that would be an allert it should stay long and should be repetable.

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the former is a decent idea. I dont really like it 'as-is' though. Maybe if style mods did that the more they are used. Of course you would need to create the same card for guns, but its easy to have a set of "X Expertise" or "X Mastery" cards.


the latter prevents me from immediately building any reinforcement the day it comes out, so im against that. :B


Though all in all, not sure if these ideas would be good for warframe



Anything to use up my millions of nano spores and alloy plates. This is a great idea.


i actually run out of nanospores all the time. i WAS at over 750K, but thanks to x10 Medium drops, its been steadily below 10-20K

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