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Melee Tank Frame Concept


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With melee 2.0 out I thought I'd share my idea for a new melee frame with you guys. I imagine the frame would have a name among the lines of Throkk/Thrack; a warlord frame with specialised abilities for an effective melee build. He should have a V aura slot with good shields but a low power supply.See the list of moves I had in mind for him below:

Fang (25 power)

You prepare for your next attack,allowing you to deal greater damage with your next strike. This is a simple move that just boosts the damage of his next melee combo.It won't be that powerful but this is made up for with his other moves.

Beast ( 50 power )

Throkk summons an old friend, a wolf like familiar, to aid him in battle.This wolf lasts a few seconds but can be killed by enemies. The wolf can't deal much damage but reduces the attack power of anyone he 'bites'.

The next two powers are what will make Throkk shine.

Warrior's Call (75 power)

Throkk challenges all those who defy him,making all enemies around him to charge at his direction on full out attack.However,due to their haste,they leave themselves open for any incoming attacks.Enemies get a debuff and run towards you,on its own this move wouldn't be very good but it works well with his next move.

Last Stand (100 power)

When all hope is lost, Throkk uses a special gift passed on by his ancestors:he gains tempory invulnerability and deals increased damage(preferably with his melee attacks). By using this with the last move,your enemies get a debuff whereas you get a buff and your temporarily invincible AND they'll run to their deaths.Off course you will need to upgrade duration and range and strength(for better damage/stronger debuff) to make him one of legendary frames but I think he'll be fun to use and allow for a nice melee play style.The devs will have to balance the moves to make sure try aren't over or underpowered, I simply wanted to share the concepts I had for them.

Please give me your suggestions guys and it doesn't really matter if they change his gender; I made him male because there is already a female melee type frame.

An alternate to the last could be a meteor themed attack where it rains meteors that have a knockdown effect? In that case the the third wouldn't have the attracting ability and just apply a strong debuff and the first could become a more useful utility. And if they are introducing a wolf-like pet then that's awesome ^.^

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