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Wtb Corrupted Mods, And Stances.

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I do NOT HAVE ANY PLAT. So if you want that feel free to stop reading.

What I Want

I'm looking to get some of the Corrupted mods: Critical Delay, Heavy Caliber, Vicious Spread, Magnum Force, Spoiled Strike, and I'm also on the look out for the Stances: Crimson Dervish, Swirling Tiger, Seismic Palm, Coiling Viper, Pointed Wind, and Cleaving Whirlwind.

What I Have

I have and am willing to trade: Stances: Fracturing Wind x3, Shimmering Blight, Sundering Weave x4, Reaping Spiral, Thunderbolt x3, Boar Prime Barrel, Boar Prime BP, Boar Prime Reciever x3, Burston Prime Barrel, Frost Prime Chassis x2, Latron Prime Stock, Orthos Prime Handle, Paris Prime String, Paris Prime Upper Limb.


EDITS: Got Lethal Torrent and Rending Crane, Traded away Shimmering Blight.

signed Reply here, or message me in game, username: ZyloWolfzan
Zylo the Wolfbane

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