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Didn't Notice The Combo Counter Until Last Night. Proposal: Combine With Stance Combos.


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I just noticed the combo counter.

Maybe it was in a dev stream? Don't know, don't remember.


I found out it has nothing to do with stance combos themselves.

The increased damage from combo counter is nice, but more damage isn't going to get people to execute stance combos. Why? Because your opponent is usually dead by the time you execute the combo. Stance combos should be doing the increased damage to make them worthwhile, thus replacing combo counter melee boost (or tying them together).


I propose we combine the combo counter with stance combos. It helps the player execute combos (which can be tricky), and gives them a reason to do so.


P.S. the counter UI is pretty out-of-the-way. I'd like to see something closer to the action, perhaps right behind my frame.

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Or the combos could do less damage and have better CC, allowing each hit to connect with the same enemy, building the combo counter (and consequently damage multiplier,) even higher for subsequent strikes. I think that'd be much more suited to fighting multiple enemies, and maintain the viability scaling that the combo counter introduced.

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