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Tenno, Lets All Be Gracious And Make The Community A Better Place For All.


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Was told to post this in the forum, initially from Reddit, enjoy:


Hi fellow Tennos,


I have been playing Warframe since probably around June last year and I had seen the game and community changes drastically over this period of time.


For many time DE had proven me wrong when I thought the game just couldn't get any better than the current state it's in. Kudos to DE and their hard work, cheers.


However, I hope I can say the same for the community aspect of the game.


Firstly, I would like to point out that it is inevitable for most online game, the popularity of the game will be proportionate to the level of toxicity that comes along with it most of the time, if not always.


I started playing this game because of how fresh it is, being a space alien ninja, the concept is top notch.


But what really interest me in this game is the community when I first stepped in. It's just so friendly and welcoming!


This is made possible because of the nature of the game, which is mostly co-op, thus teamwork is essential and there's little to none competition among players, instead we have to learn to carry each other, we are obliged to do so, which somehow make the community really healthy.


I can still remember when I first got recruited into a clan with all research done, it used to be such a rare opportunity for a player to join a clan with many or even all research done, thus allowing you to have much more weapons than those ones in the market at your disposal.


I felt extremely pampered with choices, and furthermore my clan mate even offer to help me farm for the resources needed for the lad weapons, you have no idea how elated I was when I got my first acrid. Acrid used to be the best secondary in the game before 2.0 damage kicks in.


Not only my clan mates, but other players are also helpful in achieving goals together, I had never played an online game with such a wonderful community in my life.


I'm not gonna say that the community is downright lousy at the current state, but definitely we have A LOT of rooms of improvements.


The most ridiculous thing I saw recently is exchanging access to tower missions for plats. I feel that such practice is extremely unethical. Where is all the spirit of sharing and helping which I saw just a few months ago?


On a more frequent basis, I saw players who only invite players who can share keys with them, probably the rarer ones like the T3 keys and the new vey hek triangulator etc. The first thing that comes to my mind is how on earth do you know whether they really do have the key when they join your game? Secondly why can't you just invite any players who want to do that mission, without expecting anything in return? It's not like you will be losing anything, at the end of the day you will probably still be doing the same mission and getting the same rewards regardless of going solo or having invite players to join.


I believes such acts occur due to the increasing rarity of the keys, but I do not believe that the spirit of giving and sharing should be dampened due to the increment of the key's/items rarity.


But Of course at the end of the day there's technically nothing wrong with the practices I mentioned above, it's a free market and unless DE enforce certain trading rules, no matter how unethical the practices are, we will still see such incidents occurs.


I can also see much more flaming and toxic players in chat recently but that can be easily thwarted with a simple click of ignore.


There are also times when I notice certain players who keeps on requesting and looking for invitation to voids and vey hek on an extremely frequent basis. I'm not saying that it's wrong to do so but I do believe it would be much better if more people would just put in the effort to farm for the keys and let more people enjoy doing the missions which enables them to have the chance of getting rare items! Try not to be lazy as much as possible! Try to give more instead of take!




For myself, since I had received so much help in the past, what I do in return is to help the new players by helping them with missions and also those who need to farm/hunt certain keys, resources, mods or items as much as possible. If I feel that I had enough already I would give up the chance to other players who probably need it more than I do.

I strongly believe that there's still many many kinds souls in our community but just that it seems diluted after the influx of so much more players recently. However I feel that if we are able to re-kindle the joy of being generous and selflessness, we can certainly break away from the "toxicity-meta" which is happening to many, many other games.



You & I**


Reddit link: http://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/233fv2/tenno_lets_all_be_gracious_and_make_the_community/


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I see posts like this and then i remember that 43 minutes ago a Rank 3 told me to shut the F*** up and that I knew nothing about how to play Warframe.

Can I get some of that Pot you all smoke before you befriend people on here? I seem to get all of the bad bunches. :c

Thank god for Council, and the guys on the forums.

Edited by FeedingWolves
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I've noticed since platinum/Prime trading has been introduced. The community has really gotten bitter.
Lots of Tenno believe they are entitled to compensation of some sort for playing the game like everyone else. It has really taken an unfortunate turn.

As for myself , i have been playing since the closed beta days (not on this account obviously) and have recently been cursed by RNG gods. But i nonetheless share all my keys with random players in hopes that others will do the same , expect nothing in return. Just have a good time playing with fellow Tenno.

Same, my old account still has the Braton Vandal on it. Miss that thing :|
Either it's just cuz I'm really unhappy today or because I keep seeing S#&$ happen on the forums from a few over entitled so and so I just think I need to take a step back, chill and then come back in the room because there are days when I really want to get a MOA and use it to strangle the first Tenno that annoys me... Edited by Sutherland
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I see posts like this and then i remember that 43 minutes ago a Rank 3 told me to shut the F*** up and that I knew nothing about how to play Warframe.

Can I get some of that Pot you all smoke before you befriend people on here? I seem to get all of the bad bunches. :c

Thank god for Council, and the guys on the forums.

Gold chat= best chat

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I think like anything something can be used for a good purpose and other times it can be abused. We all as a community know what a monster RNG is and how you can go literally months without finding that special mod or Prime piece. I think trading was DE's way of combating all the complaints about RNG and also a way of maybe giving them time to figure out just how to balance RNG better. I for one after almost a month gave up trying to get Rhino Prime and ended up trading for his parts. We have to remember, as many keep reminding me, that playing Warframe is all about fun and for me constant failure to find something is not fun. So I think trading can be used for a good reason. By the way I am no noob, been playing actually longer than the OP, since March of last year, mastery level 11, over 1100 hours of gameplay.

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