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Ember Prime Help




My Ember Prime built last night, very happy! But just need some guidance on what's the most effective play style.

From what I read Fireball and Accellerant seem to be the best abilities? Can I have some feedback on 3 and 4 though, as I understand 4 is broken at the moment and is mitigated by armour so is it worth having and I no little about no.3 ability.

Also regarding primary weapon, Ingis, is that the best weapon of choice or would a weapon with fire damage bit appropriate?

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Fireblast is good for defenses or coupled with Vottex, but really its a challenge to use and mostly not worth the effort and energy.

Builds are typically Fireball Spam/Accelerant setup, or WoF/Accelerant setup. Something along the lines of:

Ember (Prime) can focus on World on Fire, or go nuts throwing fireballs.

The WoF build has a bunch of variants, including more range by not using NM, less str by not using Blind Rage or using OE, more efficiency by using Fleeting Expertise, and the use of Natural Talent. Basically the 'ideal' setup is gonna change based on your playstyle, the mission type, and enemy level.

The build I end up using the most for WoF is http://goo.gl/M8W03C, its very effective but also very squishy.

To clarify abilities:

Accelerant is awesome. Radial stagger and a huge fire damage increase to those targets. You will use it for both - a stagger to protect yourself before casting WoF, and for the damage debuff.

Fireball is good damage at low/mid levels, especially with Accelerant, and excellent CC across the board. Enemies withing the impact radius are set on fire, which not only deals damage but also locks them into the stun animation, effectively CCing them for a few seconds. Can be setup for damage, or for CC.

WoF is great damage, but has no CC effect. The long casting animation can be a danger. At the highest levels, it's almost not worth using - a Fire based weapon with Accelerant will do more damage. Modding is a mix of damage, efficiency, range and duration, depending on level and playstyle.

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