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Survival Host Migration > Mission Failed


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I'm not sure what information is relevant to reproducing this or if this is just another issue related to the DDoS attack but I'll post all of the details just in case.

I was running a standard survival mission on Nuovo in Ceres with random players when someone's Grustrag mark kicked in. One of the players was downed and put in that stasis field thing. Shortly after that I got the Host MIgration message and waited for it to come back. On resuming I saw all the same players listed and those that were in my view were still there but everything had stopped moving and we just got a Mission Failed popup. The lobby was disbanded as soon as the game returned to the star map.

My guess is that the host was the downed player, he quit when he was captured and the Host Migration failed. Hopefully this is just a symptom of the DDoS attack and will work itself out. I'm just sad to have lost my first melee stance mod out of nowhere :(

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