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Alliance Issues And Suggestions


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So I would like to post here everything that's bothering me with the alliance system. Some of the issues may be bugs but in case they aren't I'll post anyway.


To start off, I've taken Treasurer and Tactician permissions away from every other clan and yet they are still able to change the battlepay on the current conflicting rails. They are also able to build more alliance rails and use the vault resources for that. I guess that's a major bug.


The fact that they can build alliance rails I don't think it's a bug but I still think I should be able to deny them that. It's hard to get a message across so many clans even though we're in agreement to hold off on building rails they keep being built.


I suppose an alliance MOTD has already been suggested.


We also need an option to see the tier of each clan and our total members. 


And lastly an option to assign different ranks to members of the alliance.

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