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Lok, Lords Of Kamenka - We Want You


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Lords of Kamenka

Greetings Everyone!

I am Zeronium leader in the clan LoK

I just came back after my break few days ago and decided to get the clan back up and running. I've been playing Warframe for a good while to this date rounding up to 350 hours. LoK was started as a "buddy clan" in the beginning and as we were guys who played DayZ this was the name we came up with. Today however, this clan is something more. This isn't just a buddy clan for fun, no, we are aiming big and that is why we are hiring YOU to join LoK to conquer space for profit and glory.

Currently most of our new recruits are either rather new players or returning players which we offer help and all research there is. I personally give you advice when you need it and all I require is your presence and co-operation when we start taking over solar rails.

We ain't a huge clan yet, rounding at a 18 members currently, but we're a positive and helpful clan. If you're a starting player I can guarantee you'll get help here if you need it.


Members: 18

Research: All done there is to do currently

Goal: Solar Rail control

Benefit to you: Help from me and other people in clan to get you going if you're a new player and to get you harder resources etc. if you're a veteran.


Zeronium - Leader

Shiroi_Karasu - 2nd in command

I hope you consider LoK when you're looking for a good clan to join.

Thank you for your time,


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