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Lost Time On Booster And Items


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This two days when warframe had problem with server connection we could not play game normaly. I lost lot of items, like an akleks barel and 60minute exp in survival 3rd at orokin void.  Will we get compensation for problems with connection? Like I lost two days afinity booster because can not play game...

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Please, there have been issues since the day U13 hit. Only now they are saying they will take care of the current boosters. Boosters, not lost drops that we rightfully picked up. Not credits, not xp, none of that.


What's more is that some have said since U13 that the boosters they got to use with the new update were in large part wasted because of disconnects, lost rewards, login issues and so on.

I sent in a report, messaged somebody from DE, posted the issue on their Twitter feed and yet nothing. Why would they not admit the game had massive issues with the release of U13 and refund boosters or offer to restart them later rather then just the ones people currently have. I know mine expired early Monday AM so I guess I am S#&$ out of luck.

No, DE is S#&$ out of luck when it comes to money from me in the future. Ironically the log in reward was a discount on Plat. No thanks, no need when I already wasted money.

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