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I Know How To Fix Zephyr And Hidroid's Ult Loot Poblem


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Is not really that hard to do actually, at least i think its not that hard.

For Zephyr we know that her Tornadoes grab the enemies and spinds them around, wich is hilarious, especially when it ends and you see the corpses (if they survived) flying all over the bloody place. Problem is the Loot spreads all over the place as well. My suggestion is that when an enemy diez by the tornado the loot should be piled up at the bottom of said tornado so when the skill ends the corpses still fly all over the stage but the loot stays in cute Little piles you can collect.

Sane whit Narwhal, i mean Hidroid, when your RELEASE THE KRAKEN the enemies get tossed around like ragdolls but when the skill ends, the tentacle should retract to its point of origin, brutally slamming the enemy against the floor, thus leaving the loot pile on the floor where you can collect it.

Just a solution i though when seen enemies fly around the tornadoes. What you guys say?

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