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De, Make A Mastery 0 Bokken!


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As of right now Katana type weapons are locked to mastery 4, so why not make a mastery 0 Bokken, a 'training Katana' of sorts? Almost identical stats to the Cronus, and the Nikana requires the Bokken to be created. Would give newbies access to the katanas from an early stage, letting them experience it while also allowing them to prepare for the real cutting Nikana. The Bokken would deal largely impact damage (good v corpus).


Also, if necessary please move to proper section.

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Skana is pretty much that training weapon, while technically in another weapon stance group it is the thing we start with.

A wooden training katana - Bokken - would be pretty odd to carry in a space age ninja game. And if not being wood, it's close to a bat/tonfa/prod. Bokken can be used fairly effectively "today" but then they have their own fighting technique. Traing with a weapon and using it as a weapon are two different things.

Buuuuuut - game logic - would just make it a Impact base "Nikana" I guess.

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