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[Youtube] Update 13: A Look At Hydroid, Dark Sectors, And A Melee 2.0 Quick Explanation (Sorry For The Late Post Everyone!)


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Greetings Everyone

First off, I must apologise for doing these late reviews! I've been quite busy this week and have not had time to take a good deep look into Update 13!
As with every update, I have taken the liberty of doing a small review on all the features included in the update.
The most recent video is a small look into the new Warframe, Hydroid, the Dark Sectors and a quick explanation/tutorial into Melee 2.0. A Vey Hek look at will be done later (once I can get the damn beacons!)
Feel free to message me on Youtube, ingame or on the Forums with any queries. I'll be happy to help.

There are two Videos so far:
Hydroid and the Dark Sectors
Melee 2.0
Please stay tuned to my channel for more videos involving Warframe and other games.
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The difficulty does not much the players power level.The bosses so far should be much more defastating in order to refresh the gameplay.Dark Sektors are not as unique as we expected them to be.

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