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Getting Stuck Post U13


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Sure I got stuck prior to U13, but mostly when I was uber-exploring where I shouldn't have been. Now I'm getting stuck in normal places. Here are a few of the places:


1. This one is a place I shouldn't have been able to fall into. It's on one of the Ceres defense maps. There are 2 large drums surrounded by a small rail. I was meleeing, and fell in accidentally. Was incapacitated the rest of the mission. It's a pretty small space and could probably be closed off pretty easily by DE. That or make a '/stuck' function.

2. This one was on a Vay Hek run. Saw a locker down on this platform with a stream running over it and decided to drop down and open it up. Got down there and was immediately stuck. Couldn't move much at all except run in place. Couldn't jump, slide, crouch, or run up the wall. Was there for the remainder of the mission as my teammates killed Vay Hek and got his loot. :(
3. This one was a OV defense. I think it went like this: I had run over to revive someone. Frost put up his snow globe and it appeared that I got stuck in the edge of the snow globe. Doubt that's what happened. Anyhow. In this case I couldn't do anything: couldn't change weapons, shoot, use abilities, jump, or slide. All I could do was shuffle my feet in place. I even asked that everyone let me die to see if I would be able to move afterwards, but that didn't help. I was still stuck right next to the pod. 
4. This was also on a Vay Hek run. This last one is where my melee weapon got stuck, not me. As shown, I was stuck in the melee weapon equipped position, but the weapon wasn't actually equipped. I tried to switch to my guns, but that just switched to nothing equipped. Switched to my scanner successfully and then back, but it still showed this glitchy fake melee weapon equip. Couldn't attack in any way, but could still run around. About 2 minutes later, it wore off and everything was fine. Don't think I did anything special to make this happen. 



EDIT: Sorry for the blue image links. I couldn't get imgur to work for some reason and used a different site.

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