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Welcome To Children's Barn Yard Sale!

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Welcome to the Children's Barn Sale Folks!


We mainly have Mods in stock, have a look!

( Contact through ingame or on forums,)


Rare Mods: 



Overextended: 30p

Narrow Minded: 30p

Streamline: 9p

Enemy Sense: 12p

Flow: 12p

Constituion: 10p

Vigor: 10p



Hammer Shot: 30p

Split Chamber: 20p

Critical Delay: 15p

Wildfire: 6p

Vital Sense: 5p

Sniper Ammo Mutation: 5p

Vile Precision: 5p



Hell's Chamber: 20p

Vicious Spread: 15p

Ravage: 7p



Magnum Force: 18p

Pistol Ammo Mutation: 15p

Lethal Torrent: 12p

Hallow Point: 11p




Sanctuary: 20p

Fired Up: 9p




Heavy Trauma (max): Offer

Iron Pheonix: Offer

Fracturing Wind: offer

Homing Fang: Offer

Reaping Spiral: Offer

Rending Crane: Offer



Negotiable Prices and Havefun ingame!


( Contact through ingame or on forums,)

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