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Galantine Worth Keeping?



So aside from the horrible stance animation you get when holding it (with one hand, straight up like a lollipop), is it worth keeping? What made it so amazing was the charge attacks but that's gone now so if feels kinda slow and weak.


The sword itself looks amazing and was the reason I got it to begin with but if it's not worth it now, I can make some room for new weapons.

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hell yeah it worth keeping, it can hit 5 mobs in 1 shoot so think about your combo counter, for the range and mostly to kill infested


you ll prefere Gram to fight armored stuff like grineers



At the end and just like all melee in Warframe 2.0™ it's all about your taste consodering the stances






Berseker mod Required to fully enjoy heavy SWords Power

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I loved it in Melee 1.0 but the idle kinda ruins it.


I really hope DE does something about it soon. The weapon itself looks really nice so I don't wanna get rid of it.



How does it do on T3 at 40 minutes+?


Actually doing pretty good , the radial combo is crazy..... FOR INFESTED, ater well moded i am sure it can be more than coresct with not so bad statut rate for melee


without stance , just forget about it



i would go for Gram instead for other armored faction or w/r

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