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[Event Concept] Lotus In Peril


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my idea is not fleshed out, but the idea is here and thought i'd share it, to hear what you think of the Idea.


so, our Beloved Lotus guide us through a lot, always trying to keep us safe, but what if...


...lotus would need our help to save her? what if the grineer, corpus, a new enemy, or even the Stalker found the location of the Lotus and we need to save her before the enemy kills her?


as i said, details and all that stuff aren't fleshed out, but we can find all kind of corpus, grineer and other V.I.P's (Hell, darvo even found a way to  guarantee that the Stalker spawns) so, sooner or later, SOMEBODY must have found a way to Locate Lotus, and from a gameplay perspective, we might get a chance to see Lotus outside that Message box.


if she in an AI, there must be a main processor somewhere, if she is Human, she must have a Hideout,


as a reward, i dunno, another Wraith/Vandal weapon, or even a Dex weapon? together with a few new "for this event only" mods thrown in.


What do you guys think? is an event like this possible? do you like the Idea?

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you are a little late - two or even 4 dev streams ago - DE shown us a full body model of lotus.

they could plan a something similar that you described a long time ago


ah darn,i only saw one devstream, and that was the U13 stream. thanks for the heads up.

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