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[Client] Hang Up During Mission, Total Freeze


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Description: Void mission freezed totally. Client shutdown via Taskmanager, no other option.


Where: Void T1 Survival


When: About 10th min


What was the cause:

Don't know if this should be the cause for it. Client hang up right after the end of the slide-attack animation with the orthos prime and at the same time coming out of stealth mode (loki)


How often: First time


Anything else: The game keept lagging horrible. Watched the RAM usage of the game, keept changing between 1.803.760 K and 1.803.824 K (usually the game allocates about 2-3GB RAM)

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That isn't the same like being freezed to the death. A P2P connective game isn't freezing because of DDoS attacking. You are just being cut off of the connection to the servers. There is a difference.


So, what has this to do with my issue and the DDoS issue apparently?

I know what happens due DDoS. Connection lost - main menu - DC.

Second possibility: You are still ingame, playing and playing, chat keeps spamming 10061 ERROR, you leave the game - progress not saved - DC.


None of these happened.

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Did the crash reporter pop up? You can use this to get more direct help from staff members.

Nope, nothing popped up as usually. That is the weird part of it. The client never hang up that way, ever before. I just played for 5 hours today.


And somehow, my login on the client keeps failing. That I should check my login info, is the message. Well, I am still logged here. I guess the DDoS is still causing issues.

DE should get a better DDoS protector.

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