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Wicked Chaos {Recruiting} | 100% Research | Active And Casual Players! | No Application Requirements!


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Who Are We?
We are the Wicked Chaos Clan! We are a Storm Clan (Soon To Expand and Enlarge) looking for new members! We are committed to making a clan that is kind and friendly, that accepts everybody who is interested!
What Do We Have To Offer?


1. 100% Research!

2. All rooms built!

3. Active Warlords! Me and my good friend 1lusion are active on the clan daily!

4. Helpful Leaders! Still need that last Mag Prime Blueprint? Ask one of us and we will be happy to help you complete the build! Still need a Split Chamber for your weapon? Notify one of us and we will hook you up! 



Where Are We Located?
Both me and 1lusion are on the NA - East Servers!
What Are The Requirements To Join?
We don't have requirements! Contact us using one of the contact links at the bottom of the post and we will invite you ASAP! No matter your age, gender or mastery rank its a 100% free to join clan! We accept everyone who needs a clan to start when they just joined the game!
What Are The Clan Rules?


1. Be kind to others (This applies to everyone, outside of the clan too.)

2. No inactivity for over 30 days or discharge from the clan. (If you are absent for a prolonged period of time for IRL reasons notify one of the Warlords and we will make note of your absent and not discharge you from the clan!

3. Have fun!



Alliance opportunities?
Don't feel like joining the clan and want to stay with your own? We also have an alliance!
Contact Us!
We have a clan E-Mail! wickedchaos.warframe@gmail.com
We also have a Twitter! @WickedChaos_WF
In-Game-Name Warlords: Z3ROWOLFHD, 1lusion
Come, let us burn em to ashes!
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Hey, you guys still recruiting? If so would you be able to toss me an invite, i wasnt able to get onto you in game. My name in game is Boootss (same as forum name). Sounds like an awesome clan to be part of! Thanks.

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