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Melee Channeling; Does Pressure Point Affect It?



Because I would hope elemental mods gain bonus damage as well.  It'd make sense that heavy weapons rely more on channeling and light weapons rely more on hit counters.  But knowing DE I'm not too sure the system is working as intended, or had any intention of working well at all.


The wiki claims that pressure point does not boost damage when channeling.  But channeling purportedly increases damage by 50%, with Killing blow's 120% bringing that up to 110% extra damage.  You'd think pressure point would increase base damage by 120% and then Killing blow increases that resultant damage.


But it's difficult to say.  Has anyone done specific experimentation?

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Every single thing you add to your base damage (minus crit, I've been  told it doesn't add anything and my own tests can't prove or deny it) increases your channeling damage.

In fact, in all honesty, channeling damage is the thing you should improve next to last when considering all your options.

So slap on those pressure points, elements, and smite factions if you are so inclined. THEN add channeling with what is left if you don't require the use of critical mods or utility mods.


For a longer answer...


This is the current theorized equation:

Damage = (Base damage *(1+melee damage%))*(combomodifier + 0.5*channeldamage%)

**channeldamage is 100% by default, so for example with killing blow 120% the bonus is 220%. combomodifier is 1 by default obviously.

But I don't suggest using it since well...it won't hold up for any armor considerations. Against any given enemy you can know what damage you'll do in reality after hitting it in a neutral body part in game with this, accurate to within 2 points usually.


^this also allows you to calculate any damage from having a combo or not having one. The stats are related. And lastly channeling is NOT a 50% damage increase unless your combo is 1x, the increase in damage decreases relatively the further you can stretch your combo because channeling bonus is based only on the damage from the base weapon hit, it is just additive.


longer discussion on the combo/ channeling relationship with screenshots

no screenshot testing, contains a rough example

I do maintain this could be inaccurate but til I see it proven wrong, this continues to be my answer.

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