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Let This Post Die Out

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Let this post die out.


This will be a series of a few paragraphs at a time, since I do not want to spend TOO much time on it. Without further a do, let's start:

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We walked the lands of Ceres to the area known as the deserted forest. Nothing with intelligence lived in those lands, it was all but sand and trees. Scarcely any water to live on the animals there fought, they where not to be messed with. Towering reptiles, man eating worms, damn... even the flowers would kill you with their poison, no matter how beautiful they where. But these where not what we where interested in. What we wanted was something huge, something cold blooded and not forgiving. What we wanted was the Dinosaurs. 

We walked towards the deserted forest, talking about which dinosaur we would claim first. Nova wanted a pink colored one, big and cute, She wanted to ride it to battle, strangely enough. Excalibur was not sure what he wanted, but he did know one thing, he wanted it to be perfect in every aspect. As for I, I wanted one known as the Tyrannosaurus, or T-Rex for short. Big and ferocious, ugly and mean, with stubby little arms that I can laugh at. "Mine will be the best one you'll ever see!" Nova exclaimed.
"Do you believe that to be so?" Excalibur laughed, "a pink dinosaur that you can ride to battle... you truly have an imagination befitting a child."
"Hey, what about you! You don't even know what you want, you picky, horned faced, jerk!" 
"Do not mock me, you do not know what you're dealing with." Excalibur smugly replied back.
"Ooooh? Look who's talking, all you do is stand behind me and swing your little Nikana around while I do all the work!" she exclaimed back.
"All the work? Do not flatter yourself, we all know you just soak all the enemies with anti-matter and take all the credit yourself. Take that away from you and what are you left with? A little girl full with self-confidence, yet she can't even break a twig." I was sure that he had a smile under his mask. 
"Take that back!" Nova screamed while tackling Excal with all her might.
"STOP THIS NOW!" I screamed, startling the both of them, "we are at the deserted forest already, if you two would get up and stop fighting like the children you are we can get going. This is closest thing we got to Earth, take it all in. This will be the last time you would see this."
"Ah~~~!" Nova got up and ran towards the forest, prancing and screaming 'It's amazing!' as she ran. Excalibur just shrugged and said "Could be better." It wasn't the best looking forest, far from it actually, but it is the only thing we got to our home on Earth. The trees stood tall with thick trunks and leaves the size of grown men, dry and bitter yet beautiful in a strange aspect. Take it all in I thought. This will be the last time I will see trees again. 
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I will NOT be posting one today, but I promise you that I will post one tomorrow! I'm over doing myself with the writing, and tomorrow's would most likely be the last one of this short series. 


At 5:00 PM Eastern Time I will post the last one

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I was at the rim of the forest, it's giant trees looming over me as I looked at it. I sighed and took my first step into the forest, and walked. I followed the faint voice of Nova, slowly but surely getting to her. Excalibur was close behind me, his sheathed Nikana in hand.  Until we heard Nova scream. My blood ran cold as I heard it, I didn't move for a second trying to recollect on what happened. "Nova..." Excalibur faintly said. I was the first to start to run. I ran through the thick trees, trying to find out where Nova was. "Nova!" I screamed. No response. I ran faster, my Lex in hand. I screamed for Nova again and again, all in vain. I noticed a glimmer of light from the corner of my eye, along with the gleam was water. I turned and started running towards it. 


"Nova!" I screamed again, until I finally reached the water. It was hidden behind giant trees and bamboo, I had to force my way through in order to get to it. "Nova..." I whispered quietly, looking at Nova playing with a large pink Ankylosaurus, its giant head pushing her around. She laughed and giggled as the Dinosaur did so. I fell to my knees and let out a huge sigh, falling face down to the ground. "Eh?" Nova let out, "Hydroid~!" she got up and started running to me, the Ankylosaurus following her lazily. Excalibur suddenly appeared cutting through the bamboo as well, out of breath and shaking. He dropped his Nikana and ran towards Nova, hugging her fiercely. "Nova!" he exclaimed.


"Ow!" Nova squeaked out, trying to escape Excalibur's grip. 

"Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to hurt you!" he said. 


"What's all this about? You guys are acting as if I died and came back to life." Nova said, while scratching the back of her head. 


"Aye, we thought you where..." I responded, my voice muffled by the ground. 


"Why would I be dead? Look at me! I'm the strongest one here!" she flexed, showing her very small muscles. 


"The scream, you idiot!" Excalibur said, shaking Nova.


"Is the~re re-really a ne-need to~ shake~ m-me?" the Ankylosaurus roared at Excalibur, bringing him to his butt in fear. 


"W-what the hell is that thing" he screamed out, pointing at it, trying to reach for his Nikana. 

"Calm down, calm down, it's my new friend. His name is Squeakers, and I love him!" she said, hugging the giant thing by the neck. I got up and wiped the dirt off my pants and shoulders, and asked "Where did you find 'squeakers'


"Um.. if you haven't noticed their's a huge family of Squeakers right in the middle of the huge pond..." she was pointing at the family of Ankylosaurus' and asked, "you can't really miss it."


"I don't care what it's called, just get it away from me!" Excalibur cowardly said, Nikana pointing at the creature. The Ankylosaurus roared again, and prepared to attack Excalibur with its massive tail. 


"Woah woah woah, easy their big buddy." Nova quietly said to Squeakers, trying to sooth him, then stared at Excalibur. "Put that thing away! You're scaring poor Squeakers!" Excalibur stared at Nova and hesitantly put his Nikana away, sighing. "There. Now isn't that better?" 


I sighed and asked Nova about getting back to the cave, seeing as it's almost night time and we needed shelter. "Now that you have your pink Dinosaur can we please head back to Death? I do not want to die here of all places, cold and miserable."


"Sure, sure! Come on Squeakers, let's go," Nova said, pulling Squeakers along. We walked through the cut apart Bamboo, leaded by Squeakers and its master. Excalibur wasn't completely convinced about the Ankylosaurus' safety, so he had his Nikana prepared to be sheathed at any time. Nova hummed as she walked, and Excalibur just continued to walk warily with everyone else. We walked out the forest. Luckily the sun was still up, we could still see the entire area without worry. Well... until the Grineer came. 


"TENNO SKOOM!" the Grineer screamed at us, raining bullets on us as they ran. 


"The Grineer!" Nova screamed out, climbing on Squeakers.


"What in the name... what the hell are you doing!?" Excalibur and I both responded.


"What I always wanted to do," she said with an invisible smile. She charged the Grineer whilst on top of Squeakers, screaming as she went. Squeakers lifted it's giant tail and threw it at the Grineer once it was at close range, Successfully killing a large number of them. Nova pulled out her Soma and rained bullets on the Grineer, blood flew everywhere and so did limbs. Roars of the Ankylosaurus and Nova deafened our ears, we didn't move but just watched everything unfold, dumbfounded. She was really riding a Dinosaur to battle... 


Before we knew it all the Grineer had fallen. Leaving Nova and her new found pet the only ones standing. We ran towards her, laughing at the idiotic scene in front of them. "YOU DID IT!" Excalibur roared out.


Nova laughed out, "And where were you in this battle? I told you I do all the work."


For once Excalibur did not care, he simply jumped and tackled Nova, laughing as he did so. "You did it!" 


"There isn't a need to tell me my tales again and again," she said, pushing off Excalibur as she did so. 

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