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Mag Shield Polarize Vs Nova Molecular Prime?



I saw that Mag's shield polarize uses percentages, so I'm asking that does that mean that Nova's MP is useless at higher levels, even if it gives slow down and damage boost?

PS: Against corpus/corrupted, of course.

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novas mprime also doubles your damage to the enemies effect. if you are high enough that mprime is useless you probably will be out of ammo before you kill something.

edit: also against corpus at least "why not both?" it is a great combo that keeps killing for a long time.

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Both are real useful skills, My main is mag


Her sp is not only good against corpus, it heals you and your team a solid amount of shield.


Mp as said, slows, doubles damage, and explosions stack. Neither are useless at any level

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Mag's shield polarize heals teammate shields while damaging the enemies shields into a blast that hurts them. (Not sure what proc it does). Nova's Molecular Prime stacks and slows down with double damage. Mag's pretty awesome on corpus :)

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Nova's MP is more of an utility tool at later levels. One of the best there is.

Mag's polarize is always a portable nuke against shielded people. If you are building a mag, make sure you have enough power strength to drain 100% of the enemy shields in one cast.

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Okay Here are the raw numbers of a Blind Rage Everything-Must-Die build:



Mag's Shield Polerize:

 572.5% damage of sheilds drain. The drain amount caps at 100%. Against high level corpus and Corrupted, this is instant death.


However, like Molecular Prime; Enemies who have been drained are not damaged by their own explosion, but they can be damaged by nearby enemies who were also drained. In addition The overlapping area-of-effect damage dealt from shield drains on a group of enemies does not stack with each other: each enemy will only take damage from the single strongest shield drain that could apply to it.


Now Molecular Prime:


Note that On the death of an enemy it causes a Micro-explosion. Said mini-boom does 1,832 per explosion. This is still effected by the Double Damage debuff, so you are hitting close to 3.6K with every Boom.

Enemies take damage from Every Explosion that doesnt kill them. Because of this, any boss that has allies can be oneshotted if the boss is too close to his henchmen.


Against Corpus, the former is a deadly ability. But it fails against corrupted as you HAVE to wait for a sheild drone to come first to kill everything.

MP is always beast, and synergises well with many other abilities.



Prime is good in all situations, especially when you put stretch on as well. This increases the micro-explosion damage

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Yeah. Mag is totally overpowered against Corpus.


SP isnt all that good against Corrupted as the damage type is Magnetic, which is heavily resisted by alloy armor, and sp doesn't do enough to take out gunners, so the only thing you're going to kill are the Corpus and Infested units.


Nova is at least a 2x weapon modifier, even once you get to the point where MP no longer kills.

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Guest Shibboleet

Using both in tandem gives great results.


If you are playing late game* corpus, bring the mag over the nova.

If you are playing late game void, bring the mag over the nova.

If you are playing up to wave 50 in Xini, bring the nova.

For any casual pug in the void, bring the mag unless someone is already playing the mag...then bring the nova.



*Late game refers to lvl 1000+ enemies


Dealing a billion damage with a single polarize:

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