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Warframe Solar Rail Subway Battle


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So while I was doing some dark sector conflicts, I wondered to myself, if you require a solar rail to reach to a dark sector, what exactly happens during the solar rail? So I pondered and thought that if we had conflicts to reach a solar rail, it would make sense that we are simply just destroying a bridge, but in a conflict mission, it looks like regular orokin void with upgraded moa, drones and warframes(specifically rhino and frost). So I have a proposal for the DE, please change the conflict battle type to an area/map that is actually in outer space(like on one of those invasion maps), basically the tenno that fight in this conflict will have a major battle in space! Kind of like a PvP area, tenno vs tenno will be functioning through like prosecutor style, simply put, we are assigned targets to kill(players from the alliance/clan), we kill those players and they give up a key that a player must hold, when all keys are brought to a specific point on the solar rail, that area will stop functioning and detonate, giving players a certain amount of time to reach to extract. 

Tell me what you think about this idea and I hope DE revises this conflict so that it is easier for us to deal with

You can call this mission a Capture/Spy/Sabotage kind of game mode.

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