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Warframe Website Design!


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Hello guys, So i have been working on a Warframe website design based off the Fan site kit :)


The progress so far:


-Installed Slider

-Coded navigation

-Coded sidebar & Sidebar blocks

-Content area


Homepage is done basically.


Still have a few more idea's and will probably code one or two more pages before i release the design under a creative commons license on my web developer site. Which i will provide a link to when i have completed the design.





Let me know what you guys think! :)

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if you older than 18 this is really bad work, or no work at all...


I will be 18 at the end of the year. I have been doing web design since i was about 13. but start with invisionfree in grade 4. I have my knowledge.

I'm not so good with coming up with design idea's but i have idea's when i can think of them. This work is great work for me anyhow. I might not be a professional but i still know how to do it. No need to be a #$&(%.



videos and images have wrong aspect ratios,


What do you mean?

The images in the slider are 1920 x 1080 images from the fansite kit, I had to resize them and i felt like resizing them to the slider dimensions. The "warframe play today" image that is a 851 x 315 image that i resized to fit inside the sidebar block. The video in the sidebar block is fine when you press play. Video: http://i.gyazo.com/2419914fa885c34bba04618029f8bad9.png


The images aren't intended to stay there, They're just there for fillers. Whoever uses it can change the images as they wish, This is simply a template not a design that's meant for someone to download and upload with no work whatsoever.

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I know its not done yet and people seem to criticize that, but when its done I think it will be just fine.


Thank you :)


I am sure it'll be fine. I don't really get why they have to critize so bad on a work that is not yet completed when it's fairly similar to the actual WarFrame site. Doesn't make much sense but hey, They have they're opinions. A picture and the actual design function in two totally different ways

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